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JJ Schultz

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The JJ Schultz BandTonight’s showcase features singer/songwriter JJ Schultz.

Originally from Wisconsin, he now resides in San Francisco and is the host of the legendary Hotel Utah’s open mic night. He is also recognized as a staple in the San Francisco music scene. JJ’s music can be described in many ways, but to really understand you just have to listen. His music is said to capture what life is like living in rural America, the hardships, the struggle and overcoming the elements.

Our man demonstrates what Americana should sound like… By showing he is capable of [writing from the point of view of the father who is leaving his family behind… or of the man takes his own life after witnessing the death of his girlfriend], Schultz proves he should be ranked among today’s greatest songwriters.”- MazzMuzikaS.

We have worked with JJ in the past, but this will be JJ’s first performance at so don’t miss out! To get a preview check out JJ’s Discography on Last Stop Records. Tune into this Thursday 1.6.11 at 8pm PST

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