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Watch Sioux City Kid on BAMM TV

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Here’s an interesting combination for you – one part jazz-blues-rock growler, one part history lesson. We recently welcomed the fantastic (and, as you’ll see from this performance, eminently multi-faceted) Sioux City Kid And The Revolutionary Ramblers into BAMM HQ, who treated us to a storming rendition of ‘Little Hell Part 1 and 2′. And because both BAMM and the band are steeped in wonderful San Francisco heritage, we thought we’d include some cool archive footage of the city from 1906 to compliment the all-American musical soundscape. Enjoy!

Oh – and if any of you happen to be in Oakland tomorrow evening (the 8th), you can catch these guys live at The New Parish.

BAMM Says: Check Out The New Noel Gallagher Single

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It’s easy to forget that when Oasis’s debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ was released in 1994, it was a genuine revelation: the sort of anthemic, confidence-fuelled pop-rock that had been absent from the UK music scene for a good while. Following that the Oasis story was a fractured one – albums were of declining quality, the band rifts and arguments became tedious rather than entertaining, and the ten-years-too-late split of last year only left a sour taste in the mouth.

Former lead singer Liam Gallagher has been content to continue in a mediocre vein with his new group (the frankly dull Beady Eye), so expectations for the first post-Oasis material from his brother Noel weren’t exactly sky high. Well – whaddaya know, Gallagher Snr. has only gone and reinvented himself with ‘What A Life’ – a New-Order-like, piano-and-bass-laden dance-off that’s the best thing he’s done in over a decade. It’s been streamed online a few days before the official release date, and you can check it out above.

The less cynical among us have always known that Gallagher is capable of some genuinely brilliant stuff when left to his own devices, like this largely-unknown tune from 1998 …

…. so now he’s free of the burdens of Liam and ‘lad-rock’, we’re really looking forward to what he does next.

Watch Jim Fairchild (All Smiles) on BAMM TV

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As resumes go, Jim Fairchild has a pretty impressive one: not only was he a member of seminal act Grandaddy, but he’s also toured extensively with Modest Mouse and played on Giant Sand albums. It stands to reason, then, that his solo project All Smiles would be pretty awesome too, and reason – with its Occams Razor-like precision – hasn’t let us down. All Smiles is great, and this exclusive performance of ‘Pile Of Burning Leaves’ proves the perfect accompaniment to a late-summer Friday afternoon.

The Friday List: Smile For The Camera

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Time once again for BAMM’s regular Friday list of curiosities to keep you talking over the weekend. This week: five weird photos of famous musicians …

The photo-op
has long been an established part of musical success. Want your band to get noticed? Then get read to do whatever the nice people in the art department say. The thing is: sometimes what seems like a good idea can just turn out to a little bit … weird. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest examples of this breed.

5. Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson

PAUL: Hey, Michael, how does this dishwashing thing work again?
MICHAEL: I don’t know. I’m so rich I usually have an army of butlers do it for me.
PAUL: Me too.

4. Iggy Pop

Iggy takes to the red carpet and does his best impression of a bag of Cheetos exposed to high G-force.

3. David Bowie

An accidental shot rather than a staged opportunity, this pic of David Bowie being assaulted via a lollipop-eye interface still remains of the strangest in rock history.

2. Louis Armstrong

Louis takes on the Egyptian Gods and presumably wins.

1. Freddie Mercury

Actually, we’re not sure if this picture classifies as ‘crazy’, or ‘the greatest moment since the invention of photography’.

Watch The Hustle by Kelly McFarling on BAMM TV

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Kelly McFarling has long been a proponent of ‘hugs not handshakes’, and now she’s added another ‘H’ to that list with this exclusive BAMM performance of ‘The Hustle’. Kelly recently played at the Apple Store in San Francisco, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the show resulted in an iPhone sales boom simply so that people could record her awesome live set. Eagle-eyed BAMMites will also notice bassist Jonathan Kirchner in the above video (also a member of another BAMM favourite: Con Brio). Enjoy.

Appwatch: MusicPound

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It’s the nightmare scenario: you go for a date, everything seems to be going well, you head on back to the apartment of your prospective partner … at which point you notice that their music collection consists of stuff like ‘Great Hammond Organ Moments Volume 17′, ‘Kevin Federline Unplugged’ and ‘Bill O’Reilly Sings Advertising Jingles Of The 1980s (With Added Misanthropy)’. If only there had been some way to assess your musical compatability before this whole disaster unfolded.

That’s why you urgently need to get hold of MusicPound, a feisty new app which, when also installed on a friend’s phone, gives …

… an instant comparison of your music libraries that might surprise you both. See how similar – or different – your musical tastes are, discover new music that you actually like, and see just how you rate as a music mogul.

Dating will never be the same again.