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It’s been a summer of unique performances here at Having collaborated with our friends over at Audyssey and Noise Pop on a journey to bring you one-of-a-kind songwriters in one-of-a-kind settings, we were privileged to see some great artists in action.

Emily Jane White was no exception. Joined by the fantastic Shawn Aplay (cello) and Carey Lamprecht (violin), she treated us to a remarkable rendition of ‘Requiem Waltz’. Placed firmly in the hauntingly powerful lineage of Bat For Lashes and Joanna Newsom, this is a performance you’ll want to immerse yourself in time and time again. exclusve: ‘Little Hell Part 1 and 2′, Sioux City Kid And The Revolutionary Ramblers

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Here’s something special to usher in the weekend - a two-part blast of modern-day classic Americana, accompanied by some fascinating archive footage from San Francisco. Sioux City Kid treated us to an exclusive performance of ‘Little Hell Part 1 and 2′ – and within a few minutes we were all transformed into growling, whiskey-swilling good-timers looking for a party. Not that anyone could tell the difference between that and our normal selves, of course … exclusive: ‘Mickey Mantle’, Waters

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You know what? We could make a gag about this video from Waters being ‘streaming music’, but frankly we’re above that. Well, most of the time. Catch us on an off-day and we’ll reel out the puns like an amateur stand-up night. But not today. Okay?

Today we’re just gonna urge you to check out this amazing performance of ‘Mickey Mantle’ by Waters, brought to you in association with the folks at Audyssey and Noise Pop. We’re also going to suggest that those of you lucky enough to live in San Francisco head down to The Independent tomorrow night (Friday 14th) to catch Waters live in action … exclusive: ‘Magician’, Erin Barra

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‘Enjoy the music,’ Erin Barra insists at the start of this exclusive performance, ‘and spread the love.’ They’re a set of instructions that might as well have remained unspoken, as once you wrap your ears around Erin’s unique brand of ‘digital soul’ (exemplified perfectly with ‘Magician’) you’ll be more than willing to sit back and enjoy her sound.

And if any of you fancy your chances as a mixmaster, Erin has teamed up with ProAudiostar to launch a remix competition. You’ve got until October 1st to push your musical skills to the max on her track ‘Good Man’. Contest here and details in the handy video below:


Exclusive BAMM.TV Interview: Erin Barra exclusive: ‘Love Star’, Nicoluminous exclusive: ‘Hey Big Bang’, The Superhumanoids exclusive: ‘OG’, Religious Girls

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Religious Girls don’t have the most accurate name for a band – their membership is comprised of three guys, and the fact that they lie about being girls means they’ve ignored one of those ten commandment things. We shouldn’t let such semantics get in the way of the fact that they’re an awesome, awesome group, however. If you’re a fan of the fractured, unconventional and wild musical stylings of Animal Collective and Battles, this Oakland three-piece may well become your latest obsession.

Check out this killer (and needless to say, exclusive) performance of ‘OG’, taken from last year’s Phono del Sol festival (brought to you by our good buddies at The Bay Bridged and Tiny Telephone).

Oh – and while we’re on the subject, how would you like ‘I Want To Believe’, the brand new album from the band, entirely free? It’s a one-day-only offer, so you’d better hurry over here and grab it …

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It’s Friday, people, so you’ve got two choices. You can get home tonight, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and look forward to a long weekend of relaxation. Or you can put on your party clothes, hit the town and laugh in the face of the need for sleep.

If you’re going with the first one … well, there’s not much we can do to help you. Sorry. If you’re siding with the party animals, then a quick view of the above video should get you in the mood. Immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding beats of Nicoluminous, with this exclusive performance of ‘Love Star’ taken from this year’s Photosynthesis festival.

And if you like what you see/hear here, then you’ll be delighted to learn you can download Nicoluminous’ brand new EP ‘808 And Earthquakes’ absolutely free. What are you waiting for?