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It’s day n-n-n-n-nineteen of our BAMM Advent Calendar Countdown, and even the normally gloomy Mark ‘E’ Everett of the Eels is getting into the festive mood. How else could you explain ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas’, a great (and little-known) Eels track in which he swishes off his usual melancholy for a life-affirming yuletide message: that Christmas is actually, y’know, kind of fun. There’s also a spot of whistling in this record, and – as any qualified musicologist will tell you – whistling automatically makes a song ten times more awesome. Best Of 2013 – Sophie DeWitt

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Here’s another ‘Best Of 2013′ roundup from the musical masterminds within the team. This time around, we asked Sophie (Artist Relations) to pick a variety of her favorite musical moments from the year gone by …

Music documentary – “20 Feet From Stardom”

An intriguing look at the backing artists who provide invaluable support to the biggest megastars of the music world.

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If you tried to distill the essence of early-90s Britain into one power-pop couple, you’d end up with St Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell and The Charlatan’s Tim Burgess. It’s true. Scientists have proven it, absolutely conclusively. We would go and find the research for you, but, erm, we’re a bit busy right now.

Anyway: Tim and Sarah. They’re the bell-ringers for today’s BAMM Advent Calendar entry: ‘I Was Born On Christmas Day’ by St. Etienne (featuring Mr Burgess as a guest star). Gloriously chime-laden and jettisoning self-consciousness in favor of unhip yuletide fun, it’s a happy little wintry blast of a tune. Mind you, wouldn’t you be happy if you got to celebrate your birthday and Christmas on the same day?

Best Of 2013 – Sonia Pina, ‘BAMM Latino’ Producer

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Time for another of our multi-themed ‘Best Of 2013′ lists. Today we asked’s Sonia Pina to select her favorite Latino music discoveries that she has been wowed by over the past year. The list is as follows …

1. Mao de Oito – Beats (Brazil)

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What do you want for Christmas? A new iPhone? Some cool clothes? A nice selection of festive spirits? Peace on Earth, and goodwill to all men? Bah. Booorr-iiing. That’s, like, so predictable. You should follow the lead of the Fountains Of Wayne – they don’t want any of those tired old cliches. Oh, no – they want an alien for Christmas, and they’re going to tell you exactly how goshdarn much they want an alien for Christmas in their alien-for-Christmas-themed song ‘I Want An Alien For Christmas.’ Happy Day Seventeen of the BAMM Advent Calendar Countdown!

Best Of 2013 – Jeff LaPenna, Media Director

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Incredibly, 2013 is almost over – and while the year might have sped by like a freight train, that hasn’t stopped the team from amassing some favorite musical moments from the last twelve months. Oh – and we’re not sticking to that boring old ‘Albums Of The Year’ format that a billion zillion other outlets like to recycle. Instead, our team have chosen a category close to their hearts/talents/creative outlook.

To kick things off, Media Director Jeff LaPenna has compiled his favorite Special Effects Music Videos of 2013. Here’s the list …

1. Beyoncé – “Grown Woman”

Her surprise new album was a late entry for ‘Musical Surprise Of 2013′ – but that’s not the list we’re dealing with here. ‘Grown Woman’ fuses nostalgia, retro video effects and psychedilic verve with typical Beyonce power:

(more…) Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen

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With all this talk of the increasing commercialization of the holiday season, sometimes you can’t help but feel that someone needs to inject a little soul back into Christmas. Step forward, then, Smokey Robinson, the perfect man for the job, and the special festive tune we’re unveiling today as part of our BAMM Advent Calendar Countdown. ‘Christmas Everyday’ isn’t the sort of idea we’d like to take literally (there’s only so many turkey sandwiches and James Bond re-runs a sane person can cope with) but we can’t deny that Smokey makes it sound pretty damn appealing. Then again, Smokey Robinson could recite the North Korean phone directory backwards can make it sound awesome, so that probably isn’t saying much. Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

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We’ve already mentioned the fact that we’re big fans of Sufjan Stevens here at BAMM, so how could we resist his impassioned invitation to ‘Come On! Boogie To The Elf-Dance’? Answer: we couldn’t, and that’s why we chose Sufjan’s wonderfully festive ditty to mark Day Fifteen of our BAMM Advent Calendar Countdown. It seems that Sufjan is especially fond of Christmas too – this track is but a mere blip included in his ‘Songs For Christmas’ box-set, which spans a staggering five discs of yuletide goodness. Advent Calendar: Day Fourteen

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You know, if Jim Jones of My Morning Jacket dyed his beard white, he could easily pick up a job as a supermarket Santa. That’s assuming his music career goes the pan, of course, which – given My Morning Jacket’s status as one of the best, most-loved and effervescent rock bands of their generation – probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Let’s enjoy some of their music with ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again’, their wonderful contribution to day fourteen of the BAMM Advent Calendar Countdown.

Oh – and if you want to hear a full radio show session of My Morning Jacket covering yuletide songs, then head on over to Aquarium Drunkard. Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen

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One of the most remarkable things about Santa Claus is that his powerful omnipresence hasn’t gone to his head. Face it, if you had the ability to traverse the entire Earth in a single night, you might start to get big-headed. Santa, however, is completely free of arrogance.

Luckily, then, today’s entry in the Musical Advent Calendar is an artist whose arrogance can more than make up for it (it’s just a good job he’s talented enough to warrant his self-love). Presenting: Kanye West with ‘Christmas In Harlem.’