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We hope you’ve enjoyed our Featured Artist season this past week, delving into the career and music of British rock veterans Ash. We’ve seen an exclusive performance of ‘Shining Light’, a look back at their classic albums, and a hand-picked roster of their top ten tunes – and to round things off we have another exclusive performance in the shape of ‘Burn Baby Burn’. Enjoy!


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We hope you’re enjoying our season of content from our Featured Artist Ash – a celebration of the Nothern Irish rock legends to tie in with the release of some exclusive performances from the band. We’ve already seen a blistering rendition of ‘Shining Light’ (keep ‘em peeled for another exclusive live track later this week) and a glowing look back at their classic and contemporary albums.

Now? Now let’s fire up the office stereo. We’ve handpicked our top ten favorite Ash tunes. Whether you’re a) using this as a long-overdue introduction to the band, b) just reliving some great tunes, or c) can’t believe our choices and want to murder us, we hope you enjoy …


One of Ash’s most overlooked aspects – as well as rocking out, they also know their way around a pop ballad or two. Sun-kissed and splendid, ‘Sometimes’ is a prime example of this.

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Can a fan base be considered gang?

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Update: As of July 10, 2014, the U.S. District Court of Eastern Michigan ruled against ICP. The group will appeal. 

We’re looking today at Juggalos (not gigolos, they’re something entirely different). Juggalo is generally a name given to fans of the ‘horrorcore’ group Insane Clown Posse – they wear clown make-up, love violent and murder-based imagery, and have a very strong bond with each other.

It turns out, though, that the FBI think that Juggalos are more than just a musical fan base. They have listed Juggalos as an ‘organised crime gang’ – and the Insane Clown Posse are NOT HAPPY about having their fan base slandered like this. In fact, they’re suing the FBI and the Department Of Justice demanding that Juggalos are removed from the list.

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We’re massively excited to feature Ash as our Featured Artist this week, in order to tie in with the release of a couple of exclusive performances from this three-piece Brit-rock legend. The first one – ‘Shining Light’ – was unleashed last week, and there’s a second one all ready for you to watch later this week. Excited? Course you are.

In the meantime, however, we thought we’d take a few days to celebrate all things Ash … beginning with a look at their discography to date. Let’s join hands and relax in a blue shimmery light as we Quantum Leap back through musical history …

TRAILER (1994)

For those of us who have been following Ash’s musical trajectory since the beginning, here’s a chilling little reminder of your own mortality: ‘Trailer’, the debut album from a bunch of young Northern Ireland upstarts barely past the point of their school exams, is now a whopping twenty years old. Time flies when you’re having fun. Or even when you’re not.

Luckily, all that’s needed to nullify such morbid musings of mortality (check out our alliteration skills) is to take another listen to ‘Trailer’, and to be blown away by the sheer energy and verve of the band’s first long-player. It’s not as polished as later work, obviously, and the songwriting is a mere foreshadow of what’s to come – but, just as a teenage Metallica arrived fully-formed with 1983’s ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ we can safely say that ‘Trailer’ is the confident, bellowed announcement of a great new talent.

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(more…) Featured Artist – Ash – ‘Shining Light’

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We’ve got a very special Featured Artist season this time around – we’re celebrating the 20-plus year career of Britrock legends Ash, whose glorious power-pop continues to thrill fans around the world. Oh, and did we mention that we snared a TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE BAMM.TV PERFORMANCE from them? Because, y’know, we did.

There’s more to come next week: more exclusive live video, a sprawling Ash retrospective, a look at their greatest musical moments and some great musical recommendation to take you down the indie rabbit hole if you’re looking for further Ash-like sounds.

In the meantime, check out this exclusive performance of all-time classic ‘Shining Light’ …

Why I Love Music: Wirjo Hardjono

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A return to our occasional ‘Why I Love Music’ series – this time featuring thoughts from’s Wirjo Hardjono …

Sound made to make you ‘feel’? Just the idea of it sounds absurd to me. I don’t know why but I’ve always wondered why music makes you feel and never understood. Sure if it brings back memories, if used is specific contexts or when it’s used in other media. But even if your not paying any attention it sets a mood or better a tone.

Our brain just starts triggering neurons and creating hormones when the air moves our eardrums. Signals that make you aware of your surroundings, did we make sounds to warn the world of our existence? Or did we make sounds to drown out the paranoia of the things we didn’t see? Probably both, we probably still use music for those reasons today, as art form and for an escape.

We just got really good at it. We made sound a form of expression, I imagine that we developed instruments together with our voices. Interacting with your surroundings to create a sensation in others. Of course we do this all the time in many ways but somehow music has always been special to me.

Growing up seeing thousands of people gathering in stadiums to experience it together, yet it feels so personal. It’s a thing we share. Its how we explain to the world how we feel, it gives us identity, both through creating and listening to it. It also gives us the ability to change our state or at least influence how we feel.

We communicate feel best through music, in my experience anyways. I don’t express myself musically, but I like the consumption. I like being influenced by it, giving in to it. I’ll never understand how and I’ll never have to, it just is. It just takes you on a journey.


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