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The Soft White Sixties: What Are They Listening To Right Now?

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Sooooo … to round off their reign as our Featured Artist, the Soft White Sixties have picked five musical moments that are rocking their boat of late (you can see their choices from the archive right here). Let’s see what they’re listening to right now … 1. ‘Tell It Like It Is’ – […]

The Soft White Sixties: Their Favorites From The Vault

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We’ve already treated you to an in-depth interview and exclusive feature-length documentary on our Featured Artist The Soft White Sixties – and, like a hyperactive Santa Claus, we’re still hell-bent on throwing more awesome stuff your way. We asked the band to pick some of their favorite moments from the MASSIVE BAMM.TV archive, and they […]

‘Knock It Loose’ – our exclusive feature length doc on The Soft White Sixties!

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We’re almost insanely proud to feature San Francisco rockers The Soft White Sixties as our Featured Artist. If you haven’t checked out our essential introduction to the band, you can do that right here. Seriously. We can wait. Go on. Back already? Great. Hopefully that’s put you in the mood for the acres of exclusive […] Featured Artist: The Soft White Sixties

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Not to paraphrase Monty Python (we’ll leave that to boring people at parties the world over), but what exactly did the Sixties ever do for us? Baby boomer music critics and one-time rock icons will collectively scurry to tell us that it was the single greatest period in all of human history, but did the […]

Coming soon: our exclusive Soft White Sixties doc

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If you’re a regular visitor to these here pages, you’ll no doubt be aware that we regularly sing the praises of San Francisco’s very own The Soft White Sixties – we can’t get enough of their storming, no-nonsense, soul-laden rock and roll, and their previous performances under the BAMM banner have quite literally torn the […]

The Bob Podcast #16: “Song Dissection – The Soft White Sixties”

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The Bob Podcast #16: “Song Dissection – Queen of the Press Club” by Most of us only hear songs after they’ve been completed, but in their infancy, songs are incredibly fragile ideas. Taking an idea–a melody, a riff, an image–and creating a great song is a complex, exhaustive process, which is why we at […]

Watch Better Way by The Soft White Sixties on BAMM TV

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We’ve already treated you to a previous track from these cool-as-hell retro enthusiasts, and now we’re giving you the chance to enjoy even more vintage-themed rock from the Soft White Sixties. ‘Better Way’ – taken from BAMM’s SXSW showcases back in March – is a perfect laid-back summer rocker. So crack open a beer (assuming […]

Watch The Soft White Sixties on BAMM TV

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The Soft White Sixties – “Queen of the Press Club” from on Vimeo. With a name like The Soft White Sixties, there exists only two possibilties: they’re either a) a bunch of fragile suburban pensioners all pushing 70, or b) they’re paying homage to the musical revolutions of a great musical decade. Thankfully for […]

Tea Leaf Green: Their Favorites From The Vault

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We asked our Featured Artist Tea Leaf Green to pick their personal highlights from the billion videos (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but lots and lots) featured in the archives. Their playlist – featuring The Ferocious Few, Ha Ha Tonka, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, The Soft White Sixties and […] Featured Artist: Ha Ha Tonka

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Ready for another exclusive Featured Artist? Introducing your new favorite band: Missouri’s musical sons Ha Ha Tonka … In 2001 two friends from West Plains, Missouri – Brian Roberts and Luke Long, both attending the same college – formed a group called Amsterband, soon going on to recruit drummer Robert Mueller. Mueller would be […]