Appwatch: Eavesdrop

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There are various levels of eavesdropping – from simply overhearing a conversation on the bus to camping out in someone’s garden surrounded by surveillance equipment and torn-up restraining orders. Thankfully the good people behind music app Eavesdrop have taken an approach more akin to the former … so please put all thoughts of stalking out of your mind. This isn’t Facebook, you know.

Eavesdrop allows the user to share their media library and listening experience with a nearby friend via Wifi or Bluetooth. So if you’re stuck with a buddy on a long bus/train/plane/magic carpet journey, this could be the ideal entertainment package for those moments when conversation runs dry. Of course, this does mean that your friend will have complete access to your music collection, so it might be prudent to ditch any embarrassing records before booting up Eavesdrop. No-one needs to know that you’re a secret John Tesh fan, after all.

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