Appwatch: Kraftwerk Kling Klang Machine

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Upon first hearing the words Kling Klang Machine, you would be forgiven for thinking that its some sort of abstract kiddie toy, a bit like a Fisher Price Tape Recorder or a Speak & Spell (note for younger readers: the Speak & Spell was a 1980s contraption launched with the noble aim of helping children learn to read, only offset by the fact that it had a voice like Linda Blair in The Exorcist).

It could come as a surprise, then, to learn that the Kling Klang Machine is the newest venture from the Matrix-plugged minds of German electro-collective Kraftwerk. Taking a step forward from the ambient ‘surroundings as music’ motif pioneered by apps such as RJDJ, Kling Klang Machine features a 24-hour music generator based on a World Time Zone Map. The system creates music and sound based on realtime data dependent on location which are then continuously fed into the app.

The only drawback? Kraftwerk’s latest example of precision German engineering doesn’t come cheap, retailing at $8.99. One strictly for aspiring music professionals, then (rather than people who just enjoy filtering the noise of the neighbours arguing into a ‘unique’ musical soundscape). Still – the Kraftwerk tag has always been a seal of quality album-wise, so there’s no reason to believe this app is anything less than superlative.

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