Appwatch: Pocket Hipster

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Who wouldn’t want their own Pocket Hipster? Just imagine: dipping your hand into your pocket (expecting to find an assortment of loose change, keys and chewing gum wrappers) only to pull out a pint-sized dude in a corduroy jacket and Fugazi t-shirt who proceeds to spend hours polishing his ‘Vote Nader’ badge collection and submitting reviews to Pitchfork.

Thanks to the wonderful people behind this iPhone app, that fantasy can now become stark reality. Pocket Hipster allows you to install a pair of male and female fashionistas on your iOS, who will then gleefully tear through your music collection with critical verve. Expect to have your cherished musical taste dismissed as being ‘too mainstream’ or ‘totally offensive’ within minutes.

Above: even The Little Mermaid is a hipster

On a more useful note, Pocket Hipster also contains a comparison-based recommendation service, which will use its hipsterly knowledge to link you to tracks you’veĀ  never heard of. While not pitch-perfect, Pocket Hipster has nevertheless thrown some interesting new artists our way. The best thing? Unlike the similar service offered by real-life hipsters, Pocket Hipster will never try to bum a cigarette off you, or insist on showing off their full-body tattoos of, god, I dunno, Leonard Cohen lyrics or something.

Well, not unless there’s an update in the works.

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