Appwatch: Romplr Remix

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One thing that’s become glaringly apparent over our many instalments of Appwatch is that music creation tools are getting ever more democratised – the sort of stuff that was the province of the semi-professional ten years ago is now readily available on your phone. The world of remixing has joined the party with Romplr, an app which allows users to …

“… juggle loops, trigger combos and cue sequences on the fly. Every beat, bassline & hook is yours to control. Romplr rewards creativity, so change your style up and watch your scores soar. There’s even a Freestyle Mode, where you can practice and experiment without a time limit.”

There’s a lot of pre-loaded tracks to mess around with, and we’re not talking small-fry stuff either: names like The Pharcyde, Lady Gaga and James Brown all have songs ready to be taken apart and tinkered with. Do a particularly good job, and you might find yourself heading up the global leaderboard.

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