Appwatch: TableTop

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There’s been a lot of speculation in video-gaming circles of late that the launch of the Nintendo 3DS (and the upcoming Playstation Vita) handheld console is a recipe for disaster: games on the iPhone and iPad are of such high quality – and reasonable price – that they’re destroying the market for other physical-format alternatives.

Could the same soon be said for the world of music technology? Sure, nothing beats having a fully-decked out home studio, but many of the music-making multi-purpose programs available in the App Store are becoming increasingly hard to distinguish from old-school, more expensive alternatives. Take TableTop, for example: it’s one of the most impressive modular home studio simulations around – the makers boast that it is “the first musical environment designed from the ground up exclusively for the iPad” – and can be all yours for a measly five dollars. If you’ve got a bit of spare change and a bit of spare creativity to boot, you could do a lot worse than hitting the download button.

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