Appwatch: Taking The Pulse Of The Digital Revolution

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We’ve been highlighting all sorts of innovative music apps in our regular Appwatch feature these past few months, and can confidently say that we’ve formed an overall picture of the music app ‘scene.’ It’s crazy to think that many of these technological marvels would have been impressive on a home computer as recently as five years ago, never mind the tiny device you slip into your pocket before your morning commute.

In general, there are a few tried-and-tested ‘genres’ which have been carved out; the evolution of the app format meaning that this brave new world is finding its feet. First up, there’s simple, good old fashioned music appreciation – the act of listening to music brought kicking and screaming into a digital realm. Artists like Bjork and The Polyphonic Spree have made sure their new releases incorporate app functions, while existing record collections can happily be filtered through Planetary and Hitlantis.

Then there’s the prosumer revolution – the apps that allow even those without a musical bone in their body to enjoy the magic of music creation. Sound Cells, LaDiDa and Tabletop have all joined this particular party.

Finally, there’s the social element: the ability to make music part of your online connection sphere. Facebook Vibes, Straight Spittin and AudioVroom are prime examples of music meeting social media in exciting new ways.

So: why are we indulging in this quick little round-up? Simply to highlight the fact that all these elements – music curation, prosumer involvement and social interaction – are all part of a ‘new music industry'; one which BAMM is dedicated to cultivating further.

We’ve shown you lots and lots of great apps over the past few months, but now it’s time to pave the way for the only one you’ll really need: our very own BAMM app, coming soon (and incorporating all the fun and frolics of the digital music revolution into a stylish and innovative portable BAMM gateway). Take a look at the preview vid below, and keep ‘em peeled for more information very soon.

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