Appwatch: VidRhythm

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In terms of combining music and technology, the folks at Harmonix have a pretty good track record – with ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Dance Central’ they’ve created two of the most defining music video games of all time. Now they’ve turned their attention to the world of iPhone/iPad apps with something that – while it isn’t a game – shares many of the same compulsive traits.

VidRhythm allows you to assemble video clips of literally anything, and the app then throws them all together into a crazy video music-mix. It’s by no means a professional music-making tool – infact, it works along similar lines to the successful ‘In A World’ app series, in which users can make their own spoof movie trailers from their photo collection. If you’ve ever wondered what your barking dog, your humming fridge and your neighbor’s farts would sound like as a rave-off mash-up, here’s your chance.

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