Appwatch: Voice Keyboard HD

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Let’s say you live in a noisy part of town. All day long you hear dogs barking, people shouting, sirens howling, cars backfiring … the usual gauntlet. It’s probably pretty annoying, all in all, but thanks to the wonderful folks behind ‘Voice Keyboard’ you can at least fire up your iPad and metamorphose that noise into something creative.

With Voice Keyboard you can:

Record any sound, and play it back on the keyboard as an instrument! Record anything and turn it into something musical and creative … Import and export from your computer, manipulate the waveform with the touch screen, timeshift to sync all of the notes when playing chords.

So: that homeless guy who stands outside your window and yells about how aliens are constantly watching him via special mind-rays? He could well provide the samples for your upcoming number one hit.

Or maybe not.

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