BAMM Playlist Special: Geographer’s Favorite BAMM Videos

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Well, it’s that time of the week when we usually select a member of the Team to choose their favorite tunes of the moment … but, as we’ve installed the amazing San Francisco three-piece Geographer as our Featured Artist, we’ve handed the feature over to them. There’s just one slight twist – all their faves are from the archive …

‘Better Way’ – The Soft White Sixties

These badasses play MUSIC, and they play it well and they play it raw. You get that “I’m listening to something good” feeling in your guts when you watch this.

‘Party Talk’ – Craft Spells

Just heard these guys, happy to have them making music in the bay.

‘If I Run’ – Voxhaul Broadcast

This video really showcases a simple and powerful talent. It’s great to see when a buzz band can sit down and blow you away with nothing but an amazing sweater, an acoustic guitar, and a beautiful voice.

‘Mickey Mantle’ – Waters

This is just some balls out, sharpen the axe rock and roll. I was very pleased when I heard this single come out of Van.

‘OG’ – Religious Girls

These guys are true artists, on and off stage, and have always deeply impressed me with their samples, use of synthesizers, and wild presentation and interpretation of what a pop song can be.

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