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It’s the return of our Featured Artist feature – and we’ve got an absolutely amazing band all set to fuel your February. Gather round and get ready to tame the beast that is Wild Child! We’ve got all sorts of exclusive stuff coming up over the next couple of weeks, starting with this in-depth interview. Enjoy …

How did the band get together?

Kelsey and I we touring together as part of the backing band for a Danish band called The Migrant. I was playing accordion and she was playing violin. We were on the road for 6 weeks and during that time we started writing songs in the van to pass the time. During one stop in SF we stayed with my cousin Evan and wrote “That’s What She Say” together. After that we really started cranking them out and by the time we got back to Austin, we decided we wanted to make a band and make a record. Next came a full band lineup and the album Pillow Talk.

What are your biggest influences?

We pull from a lot of different places. I don’t think Wild Child as a band has any direct influences. We listen to everything from Biggie to Zappa to M. Davis to dub step. We just like music and we make music for ourselves.

How would you describe your sound?

Alohop (Hawaiian hip hop) …

How have you evolved, both sound-wise and band-wise, since you began?

Our live show has evolved quite a bit since our humble beginnings. When we started playing Pillow Talk the album live it was often in a loud noisy bar so we kind of had to adapt a lot of our music to fit the scene. We started writing music that would translate better in that environment. We also added a bass player which for whatever reason we were opposed to in the early days. The band has also evolved into our full time jobs. What started as an awesome dream is starting to become our careers. It’s exciting times at camp WC

What do you each bring to the band?

Alexander – Power, handsomeness, mustache, grace

Kelsey – Power, beauty, hippie, radicalness, Adventure time, Indian food

Evan – Power, beard, height, morning groans, smoke free 3 weeks, and handsomeness

Sadie – Kinda power, beauty, lack of height, dog photos, funny faces, and baby shoes

Chris – Power, length, boom, the best GIF’s, night drives, gotta smoke?’s

What have been your proudest/weakest moments to date?

Proudest would have to be, at least for me, getting our kick starter funded. Almost 700 people from around the world donatated and helped make our last record The Runaround. Weakest moment(s) are occasionally our 30 hour drives. Need to get from Boston to Austin? Drive 31 hours through the snow. You’ll lose your mind.

Who do you feel are your contemporaries right now?

Bucket drum guys on 6th street.

Give us a few thoughts on your experience playing for BAMM.

The session we did with BAMM (as seen below) is my favorite. For whatever reason it felt magical and I think it is palpable in the video. Well done fellas!

What would be your dream gig/venue?

Inside a lucid dream so we can fly and shape shift.

What event would prove to yourself that you’ve “made it”?

Europe, which is on the to do list for 2014, and late night TV.

Karaoke song?

Vitamin C- Graduation (Friends Forever).

Who’s a hero of yours?

Jack Daniels.

Drink of choice?

Same answer as previous question. Or Moscow Mule’s. We drink a lot of those.

If you had to make a pretty girl/guy laugh, what’s your joke?

What that thang smell like?

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