BAMM.TV Best Of 2013 – Fatima El Filali

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We’ve been asking the team what their musical highlights of 2013. Today it’s the turn of Fatima El Filali, whose wonderfully eclectic choices can be found below …

1. Mashrou’ Leila

The hipster band of Lebanon (as my friend calls them)!

Raasuk (below) literally means “they made you dance”. It is safe to say that this is a track from a very political album. I think the whole album plays around the idea of the rulers making the people dance, which makes it conceptual too. The video for the single is also playing with the same idea, the title literally means: for the nation.

Below is one of my faves from their previous album, and also a fave from their first album.

2. Filastine

His music is bass-fixated, but incorporates a taste in music from all over the world. I am not quite sure why this guy isn’t super famous. He started playing this genre of music sooner than most, I believe. He played in a stadium in Casablanca during one of the few alternative fests in Morocco in 2007. His 2013 release is called Looted (remixes of previous work). Grey Filastine considers himself an activist in addition to being a musician. His titles & videos seem to be carefully chosen/created. He is currently based in Barcelona.

Below is a video mapping over one of his more known songs: the projections are cool and the venue looks amazing too:

Here’s a track from Looted:

3. Hoba Hoba Spirit

These guys have been quite big in Morocco and the surrounding areas for a while now. Social satire – to say the least- is what boosts the people’s appreciation of their music. Their sound is very diverse. They mix elements on moroccan music, rock n roll, sometimes punk music.

Below is one of their debut videos just to get a visual vibe: this song is called: “Schizophrenic country”.

4. Kvelertak

These guys are from Norway. Their 2013 album is called Meir. I have no idea what their lyrics are about or anything about them but had a major crush on them. I saw them in the beginning of this year. The venue was tiny and the concert was very intimate and loud! Amazing energy. Just look at this video for proof:

5. Calle13 + Tom Morello

Interestingly, this also features a monologue from controversial figure Julian Assange:

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