BAMM.TV Exclusive: ‘1922’ by Realboy

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‘Eclectic’ is one of those terms that can often be overused – it’s journalistic shorthand for when an artist or band has so much going on that they defy easy categorization. Sometimes, however, you have to roll with the cliches and drag out such a word, simply because it suits the subject matter so well. Which brings us to Realboy. They’re eclectic. Seriously eclectic.

More than happy to hop and chop genres in a heartbeat, Realboy consists of electro-mastermind duo Daniel Gomez and Austin Jacobsen, who look all set to take their all-encompassing sound on a worldwide blitz – starting, of course, in their native San Francisco. If you want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new trajectory, these are the guys to follow.

Check out our exclusive performance of ‘1922’ above, and prepare to be blown away …

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