BAMM.TV exclusive: ‘OG’, Religious Girls

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Religious Girls don’t have the most accurate name for a band – their membership is comprised of three guys, and the fact that they lie about being girls means they’ve ignored one of those ten commandment things. We shouldn’t let such semantics get in the way of the fact that they’re an awesome, awesome group, however. If you’re a fan of the fractured, unconventional and wild musical stylings of Animal Collective and Battles, this Oakland three-piece may well become your latest obsession.

Check out this killer (and needless to say, exclusive) performance of ‘OG’, taken from last year’s Phono del Sol festival (brought to you by our good buddies at The Bay Bridged and Tiny Telephone).

Oh – and while we’re on the subject, how would you like ‘I Want To Believe’, the brand new album from the band, entirely free? It’s a one-day-only offer, so you’d better hurry over here and grab it …

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