BAMM.TV Featured Artist: Tea Leaf Green

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San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green describe themselves as “newfangled Lost Boys, a traveling gang dedicated to seeking wisdom and experience in places both glorious and seedy”. This may sound opaque, but once you wrap your ears around their sound – playful, radio-ready yet adventurous pop-rock – you’ll get it. Don’t worry. It’s simply just “ultimately Rock and Roll”, they reflect, “improvisation with respect for the songs.”

How did this bunch of ‘bruised romantics’ come together in the first place? “Josh and Scott grew up together and met Trevor while at San Francisco State University,” they remember. “The band started as a four piece now we’re five, with a different bass player. I’d say the sound as matured with respect to the lyrics and the sonics.” They also seemed to bond over a mutual set of cherished influences, such as “Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, the Beatles, Nirvana, the Band”, as well as less definable entities as “jazz” and “the wind.” Evidently the spectre of these acts is still present, as well that of the contemporaries they admire – “Dr. Dog, DeltaSpirit, The Barr Brothers and Ha Ha Tonka.”

As for the future and their overall philosophy? “Our proudest moment,” they explain, “is just being able to continue to have fans care about what we do.” Yet with this comes a weakness: “wanting to have more fans care about what we do”. Not sure if that’s a weakness or just good old-fashioned ambition, to be fair – but we suspect it’s a wish that will soon come true regardless …

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