BAMM.TV Rundown: 10 More Crazy Album Covers

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A lot of you seemed to like yesterday’s whistlestop tour through ten of the craziest album covers in history – so we’ve decided to crack open the dusty archives of pop-culture and dig out some more. Extra weirdo points if you happen to own any of these bad boys …

10. Don And Seymour

Taken in happier times, before Seymour’s drug problem spiralled out of control.

9. Anna Russell – ‘In Darkest Africa’

Pretty much the most offensive (unintentionally or otherwise) sleeve cover of all time? If ever the KKK had a party record, we’re betting its this.

8. Ira North – ‘If I Were A Woman’

“… I’d stop whining about how painful pregnancy is, and get back in the kitchen. At least that’s what I told my wife, before she left me.” (breaks down into tears)

7. Erik and Beverley Massagee – ‘Amen’

God, what is it with creepy plastic puppets on abstract album covers? Hasn’t Cher got that market covered? Huh, guys? Amirite? Amirite?

6. Millie Jackson – ‘Back To The S**t!’

I’ll level with you, Millie – that’s just horrible.

5. The Moody Blues – ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’

“What? No, I don’t think there’s LSD in my studio’s water supply. Now, do you want my cover artwork or not?”

4. Paddy Roberts – ‘Songs For Gay Dogs’

“What? Sorry, Rex, no, I just assumed you were …. what? Well, you just have that look about you. Look, if you don’t like it, I kept the receipt.”

3. Millie Jackson – ‘ESP’

For god’s sake, Millie, another one?

2. Swamp Dogg – ‘Rat On’

In the near future, when the world has been irradiated in a nuclear apocalypse and rats have mutated into giant beasts, this will actually be something of an everyday scene.

1. Colonel Sander’s Tijuana Picnic

Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin.

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  2. […] Rundown: 10 More Crazy Album Covers […]

  3. […] Rundown: 10 More Crazy Album Covers […]

  4. […] Rundown: 10 More Crazy Album Covers […]

  5. […] Rundown: 10 More Crazy Album Covers […]

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