BAMM.TV Rundown: Five Weirdest Musical Instruments

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Let’s say you’re last on the bill at a Battle Of The Bands. You know your songs are great, but what you really need to do is make an impression. You need certain elements of your stage performance to resonate with the audience; grasp their imagination like no-one else has. How? Well, by using the weirdest instrument you can find, of course. Here’s a quick rundown of five likely candidates that will have the crowd muttering ‘what the hell is that?’ in unison …

5. The Tesla Coil

Up until now you’re probably most familar with the Tesla Coil as the subject of a particularly boring science lesson. From this moment on, you’ll remember it as an incredibly awesome way of playing the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme with pure electricity.

4. Laser Harp

The best thing about a laser harp is that, even if you keel over and die halfway through your set, you’re still going to look cooler than all those angels strumming away on their crappy old string instruments. Those heavenly fools!

3. Pikasso Guitar

Four necks and forty-two strings. Why? Because YES, that’s why.

2. The Cymbalom

See those things attached to his fingers? They’re called ‘Bow Hammers’. That means you get to say: ‘roadie, fetch me my bow hammers’. Instant man points are awarded every time this is done.

1. The AK-47 Guitar

The Colombian musicians in this video make an AK-47 guitar in order to help spread a powerful, anti-weaponry political message. As a bonus, it looks pretty damn cool too.

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