BAMM.TV Rundown: Songs You Never Knew You Knew

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It happens to even the most musically literate of us: you know a song from somewhere (in the case of a tune that’s doing the rounds on the advertising circuit, everywhere) but you don’t know what it’s called. Scientists have a name for this – they call it ‘what the hell is that song? Seriously, it’s driving me mad. Just someone, please, throw me a f**king bone here.’

Anyway, because we’re big acolytes of the whole ‘public service’ thing, we’ve decided to enlighten you this Friday with a quick rundown of those songs you know but don’t really know. If you know what we mean. Y’know.

‘Clubbed To Death’ – Rob Dougan

You say: ‘oh, you know the one. It’s in The Matrix. And it’s always featured on inspirational stuff, like sporting montages or energy drink commercials. And it goes ‘bff-ttt-bff-ttt-bff-ttt-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa’.’

You mean: Clubbed To Death by Rob Dougan. It dates from 1995, which means that if it was a person, it would soon be thinking about going to college. Not to make you feel old or anything.

‘Intro’ – The xx

You say: ‘It’s kind of moody, and kind of low-key, and it’s always – always – wheeled out for fashion shows and commercials which are trying too hard to rebrand stuff as cool.’

You mean: the wistful and vocal-free strains of ‘Intro’ by The xx, the lead-in song from their 2009 debut album.

‘Tom’s Diner’ – Suzanne Vega

You say: ‘Da-da-daaa-da-da-da-daaa-daaa-da-da-daaa-da-da-da-daaa-daaa …’

You mean: ‘Tom’s Diner,’ by the terminally underrated Suzanne Vega – or ‘the one that’s not Luka‘.

‘Picking Up The Pieces’ – Average White Band

You say: ‘It’s the song they use whenever a cool character is walking in slo-mo. Possibly into a casino.’

You mean: this little ditty from the Average White Band. And yes, life would be ten times cooler if this could function as a permanent soundtrack to your every move.

‘Sing Sing Sing’ – Benny Goodman

You say: ‘it’s always playing at that swing club? You know, the one we put on our best suits and go to, then creep out the girls with our weird attempts at dancing? Good times, man, good times.’

You mean: the ironically-titled ‘Sing Sing Sing’ from big band maestro Benny Goodman.

‘Oh Yeah’ – Yello

You say: ‘it’s the one that goes OOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!’

You mean: this eighties classic from Yello, which goes under the name of – you guessed it – ‘Oh Yeah.’

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