BAMM.TV Rundown: The Secrets Hidden In Your Music Collection

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We’ve written before about the best hidden tracks that lie tucked away in your music collection, but now we’re going one step further: there are some downright incredible things that certain creative-types have tucked away amidst albums you once thought were familiar. Want to join us as we take a look at some of them? Let’s go …

5. Aphex Twin – hidden images

Aphex Twin – Richard D. James to his friends – has always maintained a reputation for being a little eccentric. His endeavours on the Windowlicker EP set a whole new standard for creepiness, however. By utilising a spectrograph and playing the right track at the right moment, you get this:

Sleep tight.

4. Mike Oldfield – secret swearing

Everyone knows Mike Oldfield as the mastermind behind ‘Tubular Bells’, the pioneering electro-prog album which both birthed the theme to The Exorcist and made Richard Branson’s Virgin Records a massive success story. Mike and Rick never did quite see eye to eye after that, however. Sick of ongoing label intervention, Mike slipped a morse code message into his album Amarok. 48 minutes in …

… is the message ‘F**k Off RB’. Nice.

3. The Flaming Lips – secret message

Got a CD copy of the Flaming Lips classic ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’? Take it apart and look at the inside of the right spine. You should come across a cheeky hidden message which reads “You Have Found The Secret Message, Do You Have too Much Time on Your Hands? …Let it Go.” At which point, you should find something better to do – like listening to the album itself, which is awesome.

2. Pink Floyd – backwards chatter

Backwards messages are a staple ‘hidden’ item in the music world, but – as with so many other things – no-one pulled it off with the same weird uniqueness as Pink Floyd. Play a section of ‘Empty Spaces’ from ‘The Wall’ in reverse, and this is what you get:

In case you couldn’t make it out, the band congratulate the listener upon finding the message, before being interrupted by a phone call …

1. Radiohead – two masterpieces in one

Now this … this is special. You know ‘OK Computer’ and ‘In Rainbows’, those two seminal Radiohead albums that have enriched your life over the years? Well, guess what? Go on, guess.

There’s a hidden album in them both.

Released ten years apart, you can stagger the playing order of both albums to create a cohesive listening experience. Create a playlist. Begin with ‘Airbag’ (track one of OK Computer), then fade over to ’15 Step’ (track one of In Rainbows). Keep fading back and forth between albums between tracks and something incredible emerges – these two albums seem designed to complement each other. Not just in a ‘nice coincidence’ sort of way – in a ‘these songs drift perfectly from one to the other in complete connection’ sort of way.

Argument rages as to whether this was intentional or just a happy accident. Either way, it’s an intriguing listen.

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