BAMM’s Five Questions: AllofaSudden

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Make sure you’re tuned into BAMM TV tomorrow (that’s Thursday April 21st) at 8pm PST for a killer live session from our friends AllofaSudden. Expect their trademark blend of layered harmonies, melodic grooves and pulsing rhythms to brighten up your Thursday evening in style. In the meantime, check out their responses to the soon-to-be-legendary BAMM’S Five Questions

1. What was the worst band name you considered using before settling on AllofaSudden?

Tyler (guitars, vocals): The Same Difference.

2. Name a band (other than your own) people need to check out immediately.

Tyler: The Mother Hips.
Arthur (drums): Led Zeppelin. Have you heard of them? They are great!

3. What’s the strangest place the band has played a show?

Tyler: The middle of Taraval Street (at SF Streets).
Arthur: Jarron’s Living Room.

4. If you could be any musician for one performance only (living or dead), who would it be, where would you perform, and why?

Tyler: Axl Rose in Montreal after James Hetfield got burned so I could not freak out about the monitors, continue the show, avoid the riot, and save the band.
Arthur: John Cage. I would do 4’33” at the Maverick Steak House in Stevensville Mt. Those beans are powerful!

5. Name one song you wished you had written.

Tyler: Vernie by Blind Melon.
Arthur: Detroit Flu, Riddle of Steel.

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