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Prepare For The Grammys With This New App

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Regardless of how you perceive the Grammy Awards – either as an exciting musical showcase or a bloated embodiment of the old-school music business – you can’t deny that it’s a pivotal event on the industry calendar. It also seems that some of the more … ahem … ‘traditional’ head honchos within the biz have finally latched onto the notion that this whole ‘digital thing’ might not be going away any time soon.

Step forward, then, Grammy Live – a new app to accompany the 54th Grammy Awards. There’ll be three days of live events and interactive goodies leading up to the night itself (this Sunday, Feb 10th). So if you’re hoping to a) spot some of your favorite superstar artists, or b) complain how lame certain superstar artists are, this iOS gateway will provide you with the opportunities you need …

The BAMM App – Another Sneak Peek!

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We’ve been teasing you like enigmatic burlesque dancers* regarding our upcoming BAMM App – and with good reason too, as you’re going to want to get your hands on this baby as soon as it drops. We’ll have more concrete details for you soon, but – until then – here’s another sneak peek which should whet your appetite even further. Are you ready for a whole new era of music discovery?

*Please note: this is merely an analogy. Staff have long been banned from burlesque dancing in the BAMM TV office. We know that San Francisco is a free-and-easy kinda place, but we had to draw the line somewhere.

BAMM Says: Exciting Times Ahead …

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Here at BAMM, we’re generally not the self-aggrandizing type. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet. Hell, we don’t need to – we’re confident that our fantastic selection of great music from emerging artists marks us out as a cultural force to be reckoned with, and one that is only going to go from strength to strength.

Occasionally, though, it’s good to take stock of things. Many of you will have noticed lately that we’ve been unveiling lots of high-quality new stuff. Among other things, there’s our upcoming app, our phenomenal new global scene series, our first-rate series of long-form journalism, and our brand new ‘Food Fight’ discussion series. BAMM.TV is evolving, you see – becoming bigger and better than ever before. We’d like you to come on that journey with us.

Lots of you have been following this blog and our regular releases already. To those fans, we’d like to say a very sincere thank you, and can assure you that the next few months will expand on the BAMM you know and love in many exciting ways. To those of you who are just tuning into the BAMM experience: welcome, and you’re in for a real treat.

Remember – with each and every step we take, we’re aiming to a create a new model for the music industry. And that involves you. Become part of the BAMM world. We’re going to be introducing lots of ways to facilitate this interaction (especially with our upcoming app) very soon, and we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it. Along with the artists themselves, the fans are the lifeblood of any music industry – and we’re dedicated to our bold new vision for both.

Stay tuned.

Coming Soon: The BAMM App

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We’ve been throwing so much exciting news
at you recently that it’s almost starting to become passe – but this little beauty is something very, very, very special indeed. As depicted in the awesome animation above (big thanks to Jonny Thomas for his stellar motion graphics work), you’ll soon be able to get your hands on an all-singing, all-dancing BAMM App for your mobile device. More info shortly, but for the time being allow this sneak preview vid to whet your appetite.