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Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – exclusive Secret Love Parade interview

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Our Global Scene Live: Amsterdam season
continues apace with a series of exclusive interviews with the artists in question. Today we pick the brains of electro-indie dream-pop duo The Secret Love Parade, who – after holding the audience spellbound with a performance of ‘Plastic In Plastic’ – opened up about the music-making process and the influences that inspire them.


Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Koffie, ‘There Is A Catch’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – The Secret Love Parade, ‘Plastic In Plastic’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Avant La Lettre, ‘Floodwater Blues’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – The Secret Love Parade, ‘Plastic In Plastic’

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Our exclusive Amsterdam sessions continue apace! We’re only on Day Two of our Global Scene Live showcase, which means that we have acres and acres of great music just waiting to be unleashed. Today’s performance comes from The Secret Love Parade.

Warm yet raw, melodic yet edgy, with hints of Ladytron, I Break Horses and The Knife among others … The Secret Love Parade’s unique brand of harmonised electronica was a particular highlight of our varied Desmet sessions. Check out ‘Plastic In Plastic’ – and if you love these guys, there’s no need to keep it a secret: tell us what you think below!


Introducing Global Scene Live: Amsterdam!

Catch up with’s ‘Global Scene: Amsterdam’

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Check out the new album from Death Grips – streaming now

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Whether you like or loathe Death Grips – the Sacramento-based alt-hip-hop crew whose dense, dark beats come shuddering out of your speakers like a derailed freight train – you can’t deny that their approach to the mainstream music industry has always been somewhat … erm … unique. Massive underground hype saw them sign up with Epic Records in 2010, and unleash their first label release (‘The Money Store’).

The thing is: Death Grips are rebellious types. Upset with lack of attention they were getting from their record company – who promised to release their new album ‘No Love Deep Web’ next year – they took matters into their own hands and put the whole thing online today. They released a cheeky statement announcing that “the label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.”

Ouch. If pulsing hip-hop is your thing, you can take a listen below:


Check out the new album from Gatekeeper – streaming now

Check Out The New Album From Serj Tankian

Check Out The New Single From Yeasayer … exclusive: ‘Magician’, Erin Barra

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‘Enjoy the music,’ Erin Barra insists at the start of this exclusive performance, ‘and spread the love.’ They’re a set of instructions that might as well have remained unspoken, as once you wrap your ears around Erin’s unique brand of ‘digital soul’ (exemplified perfectly with ‘Magician’) you’ll be more than willing to sit back and enjoy her sound.

And if any of you fancy your chances as a mixmaster, Erin has teamed up with ProAudiostar to launch a remix competition. You’ve got until October 1st to push your musical skills to the max on her track ‘Good Man’. Contest here and details in the handy video below:


Exclusive BAMM.TV Interview: Erin Barra exclusive: ‘Love Star’, Nicoluminous exclusive: ‘Hey Big Bang’, The Superhumanoids exclusive: ‘Love Star’, Nicoluminous

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It’s Friday, people, so you’ve got two choices. You can get home tonight, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and look forward to a long weekend of relaxation. Or you can put on your party clothes, hit the town and laugh in the face of the need for sleep.

If you’re going with the first one … well, there’s not much we can do to help you. Sorry. If you’re siding with the party animals, then a quick view of the above video should get you in the mood. Immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding beats of Nicoluminous, with this exclusive performance of ‘Love Star’ taken from this year’s Photosynthesis festival.

And if you like what you see/hear here, then you’ll be delighted to learn you can download Nicoluminous’ brand new EP ‘808 And Earthquakes’ absolutely free. What are you waiting for? exclusive: ‘Hey Big Bang’, The Superhumanoids

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Seeing as the multiplexes have been clogged up with infinite numbers of superhero movies these past few years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Superhumanoids was a brand new film full of mindless explosions and headache-inducing 3D effects. Well: not only would you be wrong, but you’d be denying yourself the opportunity to check out a great band. The Superhumanoids are a Los-Angeles-based quartet whose mission statement is to create music which ‘kisses the doldrums away’. It’s a mission they’re evidently succeeding in, as you can see in the video above: an exclusive performance of ‘Hey Big Bang’, taken from our SXSW showcase archives.

And if you want more of these guys (who wouldn’t?), SF locals can swing by Cafe Du Nord on Sep 3 – next Monday – to experience ‘em in the flesh.