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Check out these great acts at the O+ Festival!

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Anywhere near Petaluma, California on the 6th-9th November? Are you a fan of great music (well, as you’re checking out, we’re gonna assume that’s a a rhetorical question, but play along)? Then you need to check out the O-Positive festival – buy your tickets here and make sure you’re on board for the last big party of 2014.

There are lots of acts playing at O-Positive who have also performed for – so many, infact, that we’ve put together a playlist of them all for your listening pleasure. Check it out below. We’re too good to you sometimes …

Why I Love Music:’s Chris Hansen

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The first truly co-ed parties I remember started the summer after 6th grade. With the exception of pool parties, these events always seemed to involve poodle skirts and white t-shirts rolled up at the sleeve as we danced awkwardly to the music of another era. Our parent-chaperones relived their youth to the sounds of The Big Bopper and Jerry Lee Lewis as they sipped on spiked punch in the kitchen.

I liked the music well enough, but it dawned on me that there must be something more. It wasn’t long before discovering CCR’s Chronicle vol. 1 & 2 on cassette, and I ran the ribbon raw with “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Walk On The Water” and “Run Through The Jungle.” Sure, I also liked “Suzie Q,” “Proud Mary” and “Looking Out My Backdoor,” but I was craving something a little more disorderly.

About that time, I invaded my brother’s collection of records, tapes and new-fangled CDs and was awakened to all things British. I listened to everything I could find from The Beatles, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen. I most loved singing along with Morrissey’s depressed choirboy vocals beginning with “Reel Around the Fountain” and going straight through to “Paint A Vulgar Picture.” I was shocked and ashamed to discover that the band had already broken up by the time I heard The Queen Is Dead.

Then I went to a Phish show at Red Rocks. All I can say is: epic.

I was forever changed. After buying the entire catalog on CD I learned that you could go into certain record stores and ask for the “Italian imports,” whereupon the clerk would reveal a hidden stash of live bootlegs from under the counter. I saw Widespread Panic at the HORDE tour and indeed my horizons of rock developed further.

On my first date with my wife, she introduced me to The Black Keys with a compilation CD from The Big Come Up and Rubber Factory. Even though I was hearing it for the first time, it was like I had always known each song. A year later when Attack and Release came out, “All You Ever Wanted” became our song.

Back in college, I would set my alarm clock every day to a random track from Mozart’s Requiem.

Today, I begin my jogging routine the same way every time with “The Divided Sky” off Phish’s debut album.

I can recite the entirety of Vivaldi’s aria “Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera” in my head even though I don’t understand most of the words.

I’ve played in several bands with my friends, and now I stumble along on a melodica playing Stan Getz tunes to my daughter.

So why do I love music? Because I can barely remember what clothes I was wearing two days ago, but all of these memories are lodged permanently and warmly in my brain. They are as much a part of me as my skin.


Why I Love Music:’s Jerad Fox

Why I Love Music –’s Phil Lang

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Why I Love Music:’s Sarah Levitt

Wild Child: Their Favorites From The Vault

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Hope you’re enjoying our exclusive season of stuff from Austin’s very own melody-merchants Wild Child, who have presently been crowned our Featured Artist. We’ve already interviewed them and revealed their personal playlist … now we ask them to pick their personal highlights from the massive musical vault here at Which great artists did they choose? Check out the list below …

1. Birds and Batteries – ‘Trouble Makes Three’


Wild Child: Their Personal Playlist

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Earlier in the week we introduced you to our Featured Artist – Austin’s very own Wild Child, a group whose multifarious melodies will surely see them blasting out of every open window this coming summer (trust us, we’re usually good at predicting these sort of things). We asked Wild Child to put together a playlist of their favorite stuff right now, and this is what they dropped our way. Perfect entertainment to unwind with on a Friday …

1. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Awesomely quirky animation as recommended by an awesomely quirky band.