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Watch Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers on BAMM TV

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Our SXSW showcases back in March were a total blast, and you can check out a free downloadable playlist of all our acts right here. This includes the smouldering alt-country soulful rock of Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers, who wowed the audience with a live performance of the laid-back ‘Toby’s Song’. What could fit into the SXSW spirit of Texas more than this?

If you want to see more of these guys, then mark your calendar for June 30th (this Thursday) – they’ll be appearing at the High Sierra Music Festival, alongside a host of other prominent acts. Don’t miss out.

Watch The Soft White Sixties on BAMM TV

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The Soft White Sixties – “Queen of the Press Club” from on Vimeo.

With a name like The Soft White Sixties, there exists only two possibilties: they’re either a) a bunch of fragile suburban pensioners all pushing 70, or b) they’re paying homage to the musical revolutions of a great musical decade. Thankfully for us – and the world of music in general – The Soft White Sixties fall into the latter category. Their vintage, R&B-tinged rock takes the best, most recognisable elements of the 1960s soundscape and filters them through a fresh, modern perspective. The result? Great tunes like ‘Queen Of The Press Club’, as performed exclusively for BAMM at one of our recent SXSW showcases. If you’re able to, you really should catch these guys at the High Sierra Music Festival on the 30th June.

Watch Thank Ya by Con Brio on BAMM TV

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How do Con Brio manage to combine their expert grasp of funk, soul, jazz and blues into a simmering whole and make it all seem so effortless? We’re stumped. Hopefully you’ll be similarly amazed when you check out this killer performance of ‘Thank Ya’, taken from one of BAMM’s recent, packed-out SXSW showcases. You can catch these SF locals – and long-time BAMM favourites – at one of their upcoming gigs, details of which can be found here.

Watch Good Day At The Races by Hollerado on BAMM TV

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We’ve already talked about how much we love Hollerado, and their expert way of crafting a tune which is catchier than a flu outbreak in an old people’s home (erm … but infinitely more enjoyable). The above track – ‘Good Day At The Races’ – is no different, brimming with harmonic melody and singalong verve. It was recorded during BAMM’s recent SXSW showcases, which also saw the Hollerado boys serving up free nachos to the crowd. Musics gain is caterings loss, it would seem …

Watch Mr Hangman by the Stone Foxes

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The Stone Foxes
are a San Francisco-based group of rockers who have been deemed sufficently badass enough to have opened for The Black Keys and featured in the great TV series ‘Sons Of Anarchy’. Watch this exclusive BAMM performance of ‘Mr Hangman’ – taken from our recent SXSW extravaganza – and you’ll see why. Expect the spirit of classic, shout-along, climb-from-the-rafters, don’t-give-a-damn, blues-tinged rock and roll to grab hold of you like a mainline injection of whiskey.*

*BAMM Fact Of The Day: it is not advisable to administer oneself with a mainline injection of whiskey.

Watch Hey Big Bang by The Superhumanoids on BAMM TV

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Seeing as the multiplexes are clogged up with sub-par superhero movies right now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Superhumanoids was a brand new film full of mindless explosions and headache-inducing 3D effects. Well: not only would you be wrong, but you’d be denying yourself the opportunity to check out a great band. The Superhumanoids are a Los-Angeles-based quartet whose mission statement is to create music which ‘kisses the doldrums away’. It’s a mission they’re evidently succeeding in, as you can see in the video above: an exclusive SXSW performance of ‘Hey Big Bang.’

Watch Typhoon at BAMM TV

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Everyone is talking about Typhoon right now, and with very good reason. The band (hailing from Portland, Oregon) were an integral part of our SXSW showcases and – despite their name – gathered anything but a stormy reception. It’s hard to piegonhole them in easy terms: Typhoon are unpredictable yet anthemic, diverse yet unified. Luckily BAMM grabbed an exclusive performance of both ‘Mouth Of The Cave’ and ‘White Liars’ so that you can experience their unique sound for yourselves. The new Arcade Fire? You heard them here first …

Watch I Shall Be Released by Sinner’s Circus on BAMM TV

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We’re not sure what kind of sinning the Sinner’s Circus get up to, but – if the quality of their live shows is anything to go by – it’s the type of stuff we’d be more than prepared to miss the rapture for (no matter what month it happens to be scheduled for). You hear that, Harold Camping?

The band is a collaboration between BAMM favourites Kelly McFarling, Sioux City Kid & The Revolutionary Ramblers, and Con Brio. Teaming up to belt out an amazing rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Shall Be Released’ (best known for its inclusion on The Band’s ‘Music From Big Pink’), they provided one of the highlights of our recent SXSW showcases. As you’ll see from the video above, they also found time to lay down lots of on-the-road footage too. Enjoy …

Watch Count On This by The Frail on BAMM TV

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As band names go, The Frail is hardly an accurate one – this SF-based three-piece are anything but, what with having topped one million MySpace plays and enjoyed MTV exposure. Not that that matters when the music is as good as this, as our BAMM SXSW showcase audience found out for themselves. Now we’re giving you the chance to check out The Frail’s great blend of danceable indie-pop with an exclusive performance of ‘Count On This’, also available as part of our totally free SXSW playlist.

Watch Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers on BAMM TV

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A trip to Texas wouldn’t be complete without taking in some alt-country sounds (and if a bit of soulful rock can be thrown into the mix, then that’s all the better). Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers were more than happy to step up to the plate at our recent SXSW showcase, wowing the audience with a live performance of the laid-back ‘Toby’s Song’. They’re just one of the acts on our totally free downloadable SXSW playlist, by the way.