Check Out Episode Eight Of Global Scene: Amsterdam

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Another Friday, you say? Already? And we’re almost at the end of January? 2012 is already zipping by so quickly, we’ll be putting the Christmas presents under the tree before too long (provided that the Mayans and John Cusack weren’t in the right, and the Earth isn’t due to be destroyed. Which, at any rate, would save us all a bit of money come the next festive season).

Aaaanyway, abstract rambling aside – we all know that Friday offers up the chance to check out a brand new episode of BAMM’s awesome Global Scene series. We’re up to episode eight of our in-depth look at the cultural hub of Amsterdam, and this week we focus on ‘Festival Life’ – the vibrant and exciting Dutch festival scene, and the opportunities these events can give acts for extending their fanbase. Enjoy!

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