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The Bob Podcast #1: “Best of BAMM” by

It can be tough finding a decent podcast sometimes – wading through acres of tedious shows like ‘Betty Earthmother’s Vegan Poetry Hour’, ‘Quakers Discuss Their Favourite Clouds’ or ‘The Funny Side Of The IRS’* in the vain hope of finding something listenable. Luckily, however, we’re now able to point you in the direction of the most essential podcast out there: the Best Of BAMM, or BOB as we’ve rather catchily labelled it.

Featuring the dulcet tones of BAMMsters Phil Lang and Brock Alter, our debut show also features exclusive music from Geographer, Ha Ha Tonka, Kelly McFarling, The Constellations, Calahen Morrison with Eli West, and Jesus Diaz Y Su QBA. Where can you listen to this? At the top of this very post, that’s where.

Following this – our very first episode – we’re aiming to have a brand new podcast with you every Monday. Keep your eyes peeled …

*Examples listed may not be real podcasts

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