Check out The Blank Tapes – live!

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To any younger readers out there wondering what a ‘tape’ is, or how indeed it could be ‘blank’, treat yourself to a quick google search. Seriously – we’ll still be here when you get back. Plus, you might also learn some exciting trivia about ‘video recorders’ and ‘8-track cartridges’. It’s a whole new world!

The rest of you, however, can treat yourself to something much better: an exclusive BAMM performance from low-fi SF natives The Blank Tapes, whose Pavement-tinged hooks and riffs are always a joy. Take a look at the video above? Did that float your boat? Weeeeellll, if you’re lucky enough to be based in San Francisco, you can catch ‘em live at Cafe Du Nord (in association with Loving Cup) tonight at eight! Go on – inject a little mayhem into your Monday.

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