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BAMM goes back to school: The Big Smoke as a Global Scene …

Autumn’s tidings have come early to London. The wettest summer for almost two decades has produced both storms and fires. The imagery is both literal and figurative, and sets a sombre backdrop into a still-new-but-becoming-familiar context that the world is very much in motion, in ways that aren’t always obvious. The picture invokes a sense of organic matter going to seed. A sense of inevitability. Urgency. Perhaps a shrug. Meh.

We know the feeling: Summer’s over, kiddo, your tenure at the beach is finished. It’s time to go back to school.

Back to school, for BAMM, means tightening our focus and imagining our next adventures. This means bringing you the best new music, for sure, but also thinking broadly about how the music industry is evolving. The sombre, tiring landscape is seen from a brighter perspective. A moment of realisation sets in about how quickly things change, how fast our lives move, and how, if you look at things in the right way, how many opportunities are out there.

No, but seriously, let’s just say the glass is half-full. We all know there’s more music being produced and consumed than ever before, and that the cost of making it all happen is, by all accounts, much more affordable now as compared to what it used to be. BAMM.TV works with artists wanting to monetize their content, globally. We do this, because we all know that every single night, in the cities around the world, at places where musicians gather, there are incredible, amazing gigs happening. And they mostly just disappear into the air. But people still keep coming back, night after night, to relax and listen to music.

They make a scene of it. That’s how a scene starts. It just happens.

Let’s imagine a show called Global Scene. Let’s go out and speak to the musicians in the scene, and the promoters, the organisers, the fans, the people sustaining the scene. Let’s hear what it’s like to be a musician, to inhabit a unique place and time, and just take a simple snapshot of what’s out there. Let’s compile interviews, discussion and live performance clips from the people who do it for a living. And let’s keep it short, about a YouTube video in length.

So that’s what we’ve done. BAMM’s Global Scene starts Friday, the 16th September. We’ll start with a look at London, and then progress on to Amsterdam, bringing you two of Europe’s most vibrant cities for music. We’ll bring you something new until the end of the year.

The show starts soon, so keep an eye on and, and don’t be shy, tell us what you think. Better yet, throw onto your RSS feed, so you can automatically get the links to our upcoming magazine-length articles about the challenges in defining London’s varied music scenes, which accompany the Global Scene series.

BAMM.TV is rockin’ out all September long, so keep in touch and watch this space.

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