Listen To Some New Thom Yorke Tracks

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You can love or hate Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, but the one thing you could never describe him as being is predictable. Whether he’s mashing together electronic sounds which are deliberately uncompromising or crafting scattershot melodies which only emerge to the patient listener after three or four replays, he refuses to rest on his laurels and always brings the unexpected to the table.

Two brand new Yorke tunes have emerged online – ‘The Twist’ and ‘Stuck Together’. Initially recorded as the soundtrack to the Rag And Bone Fashion Collection in New York, they’re dividing the opinions of fans in a manner which seems to be typical of all Yorke/Radiohead’s post-2000 material. Some people think the tracks showcase a bold new direction, others claim them to be little more than Emperor’s New Clothes noodling. What do you think?

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