Listen to the new Damon Albarn album – streaming now

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Damon Albarn has certainly had an interesting career. There have been highs (late nineties Blur stuff, ‘Demon Days’-era Gorillaz) and lows (that point in the mid nineties when he adopted a cockney accent and took to dancing around like a chimney sweep, despite being a privately-educated art student). With the recent announcement that the upcoming Olympics ceremony would be Blur’s last gig – plus the revelation that there would likely be no new Gorillaz material, ever – many have been wondering what Albarn will get up to next.

The answer is anything but predictable: he has unleashed ‘Dr. Dee’, a ’16th-century folk opera’ focusing on the life of John Dee, mathematician, polymath and advisor to Elizabeth I. Needless to say this is almost certain to divide critical opinion – some are going to label it a bold new artistic direction, others are going to pull the Emperor’s New Clothes card. Luckily, you’ve got the chance to formulate your own opinion, because The Guardian are providing a free stream of the whole thing.

Take a listen and tell us what you think – good, bad, or crushingly indifferent?

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