Prepare For The Grammys With This New App

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Regardless of how you perceive the Grammy Awards – either as an exciting musical showcase or a bloated embodiment of the old-school music business – you can’t deny that it’s a pivotal event on the industry calendar. It also seems that some of the more … ahem … ‘traditional’ head honchos within the biz have finally latched onto the notion that this whole ‘digital thing’ might not be going away any time soon.

Step forward, then, Grammy Live – a new app to accompany the 54th Grammy Awards. There’ll be three days of live events and interactive goodies leading up to the night itself (this Sunday, Feb 10th). So if you’re hoping to a) spot some of your favorite superstar artists, or b) complain how lame certain superstar artists are, this iOS gateway will provide you with the opportunities you need …

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