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It’s that time of year again, folks - the moment when musicians, film-makers and interactive digital busybodies all coalesce in Austin, Texas for all the annual South By Southwest Festival. There’s a lot of exciting stuff to check out … and, of course, the crew from BAMM.TV have made their way down there too. We’ll be hosting an awesome musical showcase aboard our very own riverboat. If you’d like to join us as we float away from all the madness, details are here.

Needless to say: this isn’t the first time we’ve paid a visit to SXSW. We’ve had our fair share of awesome parties and performances in previous years, and we figured there was no better time to dust off some musical memories and look at previous BAMM SXSW highlights …


We like to think we’ve got a keen eye on the whole ‘next big thing’ here at BAMM, and Typhoon certainly slot into that category. They treated us (and our enthusiastic crowd) to a performance of ‘Mouth Of The Cave/White Liars’ at last year’s festival.

Great Lake Swimmers

Our SXSW events usually pull in the big crowds anyway, but the line to see Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers almost stretched from one side of Texas to the other. Luckily you won’t have to queue up to watch this incredible performance of ‘Still.’


Another classic from last year’s shindig. If you like songs which build up and build up and build up with that teasing ‘wait-for-it’ quality, you’ll love ‘Hey Big Bang’, courtesy of Los Angeles’ very own Superhumanoids.

Il Gato

Sometimes we just can’t wait to get to the festival itself before unleashing some musical magic. Hence why we decided to pull over in Fort Stockton and film an impromptu rendition of ‘On Feather And Burnt Pine’ from indie mavericks Il Gato.

Join us tomorrow for a look back at more memorable SXSW BAMM moments …

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