Studio Review: Harbours (12/15/11)

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Harbours talks shop in between songs during their recording.


“We’re not a solo band,” Miguel Zelaya says. Although Zelaya, songwriter and frontman of Harbours was referring to the lack of guitar solos on the band’s upcoming album, Parlors & Electrics, the sentiment works in a more general sense for both the album and the band. Lucky for, we were able to witness exactly what he’s talking about last Thursday when the band stopped in for a filmed performance. It’s refreshing to be so impressed by subtlety.

There’s a clarity to these new songs that points to both Zelaya’s sharpness as a songwriter and the band’s ability to find cohesion in a short amount of time together. As is the case for many bands, the Harbours lineup has gone through quite a bit of change recently (Zelaya does a nice job summing it up here). Perhaps needless to say, but band transitions can be unsettling, especially when the former lineup had already begun tracking an album.

What’s cool about the Harbours’ story is that the new members (Peter Weldon on guitar, Heather Marie Ellison on keys and backing vocals, and bassist Braden Towne) have not merely helped finish an album, but they’ve affected a new direction, so much so that Zelaya decided to start over on the new album.

“I’ve always been most excited when you’re writing a song and working with people and they bring something that you wouldn’t have even thought of,” Zelaya says.  “There’s something particular about it (the new lineup) where everyone really does bring a huge part.”

Harbours will continue recording in the coming months. In the meantime, check out studio versions of the set from Thursday here.

Set from studio recording:

  1. “Where You Take Your Mind”
  2. “Hold On”
  3. “Wait For Me”
  4. “Put Down The Sorrow”
  5. “Lost In Your World”


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