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Here’s our final team member playlist of 2012 (don’t worry – we’ve got lots more to come in the New Year). Let’s see out the year by asking Director, DoP and Editor Jason which tunes are currently taking command of his headphones …

Alt-J – Something Good

Deserved winners of the Mercury Prize. Great song from a great album with an uplifting yet vulnerable chorus breaking out of stilted, rhythmic verses.

The Jam – Town Called Malice

For me Weller is the best songwriter that Britain has ever produced and in this song he marries razor sharp lyrics to a fuller, horn driven sound. Just like the man himself, this track is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.

The Libertines – Time for Heroes

Maybe I’m showing my age but this is the last time that British music felt truly exciting for me. With hindsight, nothing really changed and neither Doherty nor Barat lived up to the hype but for a brief moment they were the centre of my musical world. This track takes me right back to that point.

Braintax, Jehst & Yungun – XFM Freestyle

Not even an official track but a great example of the hidden depths of UK hip-hop – a scene, which has never really broken the mainstream but has bubbled strongly under the surface for years. You get the impression that these guys could go on forever – one whip smart line after another.

Bobby Darin – If I were a Carpenter

It’s so simple but there’s something in his voice here that makes me want to cry. Just an incredibly pure performance with Darin’s truly epic voice cutting through.

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The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Twelve – The Desmet Sessions

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Well, our 12 day celebration of our best moments of 2012 comes to an end – and we’re going out on a high. Earlier this year we assembled a line-up of the most exciting bands in Amsterdam and set them loose on stage at the legendary Desmet Studios. The result was ‘Global Scene Live': the selection of incredible performances you can see below, from the likes of Koffie, The Secret Love Parade, Avant La Lettre, The Fudge, Hit Me TV and Horses On Fire. Perfect stuff to chill out with on the Sunday before Christmas (before or after you pack in all that last-minute shopping …)

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Eleven – Jungle By Night, ‘Hidden’

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We’re almost at the end of our 12 day countdown to Christmas, and we hope you’ve been enjoying our look back at our 2012 highlights as much as we have. Today we’re showcasing one of the most ambitious projects in our catalog – the awesome ‘Hidden’, a documentary which follows the incredible young Amsterdam band Jungle By Night as they prepare to unleash their unique Afrobeat sound on the world with their debut album release. Perfect viewing for a lazy Saturday – check it out above.

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Ten – BAMM Electronica

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We’re huge fans of pulse-pounding electronic beats here at, and 2012 has seen us place yet more incredible electronic acts into the spotlight. Today – as Day Ten of our 12 Day countdown to Christmas – we present a selection of the very best, including Bartel, Realboy, the Flashbulb and Niteppl. Perfect stuff to get you in the mood for those pre-Christmas Friday night parties …

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Nine – BAMM Latino

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One of the things we’re most proud of here at is our amazing roster of Latino artists – and 2012 has only seen this expand with the addition of yet more great music. As such, we’re pleased to present a selection of the best as our ninth post during the 12 Days Of BAMM, our celebratory lead-up to Christmas – featuring our favorites such as Monsieur Perine, La Santa Cecilia, Sol Pereyra and Rocío Peña. Enjoy!

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Eight – To Go Shows

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Day eight of the 12 Days Of BAMM? Already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun – and we hope our countdown to Christmas is providing you with plenty of that. Anyway, today we’re taking a look back at some of our most ambitious music videos – the ‘To Go Shows’, concept-themed performances from the likes of Wild Child, Il Gato, The Brothers Comatose and Friday Night Lights’ very own Stephanie Hunt. Enjoy …

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Seven – BAMM Says

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You know, we’re something of an opinionated bunch here at We know our music, and that means we often have a lot to say on the subject – lots of which can appear on this very site. As part of our 12 Days Of BAMM season (a different selection of highlights from the year gone by, every day leading up to Christmas) we’ve assembled a few of the choicest cuts below. Feel free to join the debates in any of the comments sections.

The Digital Curators: why you need in your life

The ongoing saga of Joel Tenenbaum

Record Store Day 2012: London

BAMM Celebrates: The Greatest Band Logos

Indie Apps and the future of tech

Morrissey, Insecurity … and Security

How much is a song ‘worth’?

So … who ‘owns’ your digital content exactly?

The Tupac hologram: awesome or appalling?

The Ballad Of Viva Brother (Or: Are People Sick Of ‘Next Big Thing’ Major Label Hype?)

Sorry, Slash – music hasn’t ‘lost its magic’

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Six – BAMM In-Depth

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So here’s the sixth day our 12 Day countdown to Christmas - and we’re getting literary. Yep, for the past year we’ve been presenting a whole series of great in-depth articles about various elements of the music industry. Here’s a collection of the best:

BAMM In-Depth: Live To Video

BAMM In-Depth: Back To The 80s

BAMM In-Depth: The Music Of The Olympics

BAMM In-Depth: Crowdfunding

Bamm In-Depth: Game On!

BAMM In-Depth: Brand Aid

BAMM In-Depth: Circling The Silicon Roundabout

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Five – Global Scene: Amsterdam

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Yesterday we showcased the entire season of our exclusive music doc Global Scene: London, and today – for Day Five of our 12 day countdown to Christmas – we’re moving further into mainland Europe with our follow-up series, Global Scene: Amsterdam. If you happened to miss the show when it was released week by week earlier this year, you can now catch the whole season compiled below. Enjoy!