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It’s the return of our Featured Artist feature – and we’ve got an absolutely amazing band all set to fuel your February. Gather round and get ready to tame the beast that is Wild Child! We’ve got all sorts of exclusive stuff coming up over the next couple of weeks, starting with this in-depth interview. Enjoy …

How did the band get together?

Kelsey and I we touring together as part of the backing band for a Danish band called The Migrant. I was playing accordion and she was playing violin. We were on the road for 6 weeks and during that time we started writing songs in the van to pass the time. During one stop in SF we stayed with my cousin Evan and wrote “That’s What She Say” together. After that we really started cranking them out and by the time we got back to Austin, we decided we wanted to make a band and make a record. Next came a full band lineup and the album Pillow Talk.


Watch Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers on BAMM TV

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A trip to Texas wouldn’t be complete without taking in some alt-country sounds (and if a bit of soulful rock can be thrown into the mix, then that’s all the better). Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers were more than happy to step up to the plate at our recent SXSW showcase, wowing the audience with a live performance of the laid-back ‘Toby’s Song’. They’re just one of the acts on our totally free downloadable SXSW playlist, by the way.

Watch ‘Down The Well’ by The Moondoggies at BAMM TV

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You know, if we were of a more tabloid slant, it’d be hard to resist the temptation to say: ‘you’d be barking mad to miss this unleashed performance from the Moondoggies’. But we’re not, so we won’t. Instead we’ll just issue a bit of straightforward advice: you really should check out the wonderful ‘Down The Well’ by the Moondoggies, as recorded live at our recent BAMM SXSW showcase. And if you like what you hear, grab a copy of their album Tidelands, or take a peek at their upcoming US tour dates.

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Whrrl logoThis year is shaping up to be the most exciting in history. Why is this? For many reasons, but a major one being our partnership with a company called Whrrl.

Whrrl is a social location-based application with the purpose of getting people out into the world discovering new things. When music fans check in to venues or music stores, the Society (Society = groups of people who like the same things) is going to help them discover what we all love –new indie music.

They’ll get recommendations from you about where your band is playing and where to buy your tunes. And each recommendation will link to your videos. Whrrl also provides incentives for your fans to share with one another and with their friends.

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See you in Austin!

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