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Wild Child: Their Favorites From The Vault

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Hope you’re enjoying our exclusive season of stuff from Austin’s very own melody-merchants Wild Child, who have presently been crowned our Featured Artist. We’ve already interviewed them and revealed their personal playlist … now we ask them to pick their personal highlights from the massive musical vault here at Which great artists did they choose? Check out the list below …

1. Birds and Batteries – ‘Trouble Makes Three’


Watch Out In The Woods by Birds And Batteries on BAMM TV

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We’ve sung the praises of Birds & Batteries before on this here blog, and it just so happens that we like their blend of prog-rock-electro-pop so much, we’re going to treat you to another exclusive BAMM performance video. Yes, we know, we’re too good to you all sometimes.

‘Out In The Woods’ is a winding, groove-fuelled stormer that will hopefully inject a bit of danceability into your mundane Monday … and if you like what you see, be sure to check out the band’s album Panorama, plus their upcoming tour dates. If they happen to be playing near you, you’d be a lunatic to miss out.

Watch ‘Trouble Makes Three’ by Birds And Batteries on BAMM TV

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When one member of the BAMM team was young, he used to have an action figure (the cartoon it originated from is long forgotten) which was a pretty awesome-looking robot vulture. An assortment of LED lights and crazy noises would emit once the buttons were pressed, striking the fear of god into any other toys which dared to cross it’s path. Unfortunately, one day the young man inserted the batteries into the toy incorrectly, which resulted in internal damage and limited functionality. As such, the very mention of a ‘Birds And Batteries’ combination has been enough to drive him to tears ever since.

Until now.

Whenever Birds & Batteries are mentioned now, the first thing which springs to mind is the brilliant, slick, synth-backed, funky, dreamy and harmonious sounds of the band in the video above. The BAMM team was hugely proud to feature Birds & Batteries at one of our packed-out SXSW showcases – and we’ve decided to share a particular highlight with you, in the shape of the insanely catchy ‘Trouble Makes Three’.