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Exclusive BAMM TV Interview: Bocafloja

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It’s not every day a living legend stops by your workplace, so the BAMM crew were understandably thrilled when Mexico City hip-hop icon Bocafloja (along with collaborators Aha, Flavi, and Cambio) treated us to a killer performance recently. That’s not all, however – the guys also took some time out to chat with BAMM’s very own Sonia Pina about the nature of collectivity, the inspirational Quilombo project, artistic evolution and his relocation to the United States. In an age where so much mainstream rap revolves around little more than footwear promotion, Bocafloja’s fusion of musical and political activism is a breath of fresh air. See for yourself.

Watch Bocafloja Exclusively On BAMM TV

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Hailing from Mexico City, Aldo Villegas – or Bocafloja to his friends – has become something of an icon in his home country. Following a tenure with both Lifestyle and Microphonk, he has been enjoying success as a solo artist for over a decade now, ensuring that his unique blend of politically-infused hip-hop gains a much-deserved wider audience with each passing day.

BAMM was thrilled to welcome Bocafloja to our hallowed studio, and even more thrilled to see him lay down a live acoustic recording of ‘Quilombo Mocambo/Todo Cambia’ (featuring the additional talents of Favi and Aha). Check it out below.