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‘Knock It Loose’ – our exclusive feature length doc on The Soft White Sixties!

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We’re almost insanely proud to feature San Francisco rockers The Soft White Sixties as our Featured Artist. If you haven’t checked out our essential introduction to the band, you can do that right here. Seriously. We can wait. Go on.

Back already? Great. Hopefully that’s put you in the mood for the acres of exclusive stuff and The Soft White Sixties have got coming your way in the next week or two … including today! ‘Knock It Loose’ is a real gem from the archives – shot in December 2011, it’s a fascinating feature-length documentary which follows the boys (then a five-piece) on their first ever West Coast tour. We’d compiled all the episodes below into one amazing playlist, for your viewing pleasure. Yeah, we know, we’re too good to you sometimes.

Expect rock and roll, burritos, beer, fireworks and all sorts of general mischief. Enjoy!

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Watch Better Way by The Soft White Sixties on BAMM TV Featured Artist: Diana Gameros

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Time for another Featured Artist: a selection of great music, exclusive articles and prize giveaways (among other things) from one of our favorite up-and-coming artists. This month we put San Francisco singer-songwriter Diana Gameros under the spotlight …

Soulfulness is a hard thing to quantify. People are a varied breed, and experience tells us it would be foolish to go all-out and categorise emotional response – music that leaves one listener cold may well prove to save the life of another. Music may be universal but the gamut of reactions works on a far more personal level – an innate form of relativism that both unites and separates us all.

Sometimes, though … sometimes you just have to appreciate the resonance of an artist. Opera may not do it for you, but you can’t help but quiver at the bombastic authority of a tenor or soprano. Heavy rock could well be the last thing you’d listen to, but you’ve have to be a cultural zero-mark not to marvel at a virtuoso guitar solo. As for emotive, Latin-tinged, classical acoustic songwriting? That might be outside your sphere altogether, but – frankly – if you’re not massively moved by the heart-stopping performances of Diana Gameros, then you might as well nail that coffin lid down now.

Luckily – here at BAMM.TV – we are big fans of emotive, Latin-tinged, classical acoustic songwriting. And we’re even bigger fans of the heart-stopping performances of Diana Gameros.

Stick around, and you might just find out why.


The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Eleven – Jungle By Night, ‘Hidden’

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We’re almost at the end of our 12 day countdown to Christmas, and we hope you’ve been enjoying our look back at our 2012 highlights as much as we have. Today we’re showcasing one of the most ambitious projects in our catalog – the awesome ‘Hidden’, a documentary which follows the incredible young Amsterdam band Jungle By Night as they prepare to unleash their unique Afrobeat sound on the world with their debut album release. Perfect viewing for a lazy Saturday – check it out above.

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Five – Global Scene: Amsterdam

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Yesterday we showcased the entire season of our exclusive music doc Global Scene: London, and today – for Day Five of our 12 day countdown to Christmas – we’re moving further into mainland Europe with our follow-up series, Global Scene: Amsterdam. If you happened to miss the show when it was released week by week earlier this year, you can now catch the whole season compiled below. Enjoy!

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Four – Global Scene: London

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Our 12 day countdown to Christmas continues apace, and today we’re focusing on one of the most exciting musical cities in the world. Global Scene London was a series initially released on a week-by-week basis last year, but – if you happened to miss this awesome expose of up-and-coming music scenes in England’s capital city – you can check out every episode below. Kick back, enjoy, and inject a bit of London liveliness into your Saturday.

Come back tomorrow for another installment from the 12 Days Of BAMM …

The 12 Days Of BAMM – Day Two – Knock It Loose

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It’s Day Two of our 12-day celebration of all things BAMM 2012. We’ve compiled a season of our greatest moments from the year gone by and are throwing them your way absolutely free. What kind of moments, you might ask? Well – how about a feature-length documentary following San Fransisco rock animals The Soft White Sixties?

Below are all nine episodes of ‘Knock It Loose’, which you can watch as one glorious film-length whole. And once you’re done, remember to check out some of their awesome performances from the archives.

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – exclusive Horses On Fire interview

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Horses on Fire Interview ( Global Scene Live: Amsterdam) from on Vimeo.

Here’s another fascinating dispatch from our Global Scene Live: Amsterdam interview sessions – this time we chat to blazing Belgium-based rock and rollers Horses On Fire (who set the stage alight with a killer performance of ‘Wolfman In Disguise’) and figure out exactly what keeps their creative fire burning …


Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Koffie, ‘There Is A Catch’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – The Secret Love Parade, ‘Plastic In Plastic’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Avant La Lettre, ‘Floodwater Blues’

Check Out ‘Hidden’, The Awesome Jungle By Night Documentary from!

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Hidden: presents Jungle By Night from on Vimeo.

We’ve been throwing all sorts of great music your way with our ‘Global Scene Live: Amsterdam’ season, and we have even more exciting dispatches from Amsterdam’s legendary Desmet Studios waiting in the wings. In the meantime, though (and sticking around the Netherlands) we have something very, very special indeed.

Jungle By Night are one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands in the world right now. Infact, we were so impressed with this Amsterdam-based Afrobeat collective that we followed them during the build-up to the release of their superb new album ‘Hidden.’ The result? The above documentary, which ranks as one of the most ambitious things has ever done. You’re going to love it.

Aaaaaand one more thing – if you’re an Amsterdam native (or just happen to be in the city on Saturday November 24) then head to the Melkweg cinema for a big-screen viewing of the documentary! Flyer below, more info here


Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Koffie, ‘There Is A Catch’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – The Secret Love Parade, ‘Plastic In Plastic’

Global Scene Live: Amsterdam – Avant La Lettre, ‘Floodwater Blues’