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Wild Child: Their Favorites From The Vault

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Hope you’re enjoying our exclusive season of stuff from Austin’s very own melody-merchants Wild Child, who have presently been crowned our Featured Artist. We’ve already interviewed them and revealed their personal playlist … now we ask them to pick their personal highlights from the massive musical vault here at Which great artists did they choose? Check out the list below …

1. Birds and Batteries – ‘Trouble Makes Three’


The Stone Foxes: Their Favorites From The Vault

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We’ve been busy celebrating our awesome Featured Artist The Stone Foxes – and by ‘celebrating’ we mean a) posting lots of stuff about them, and b) cranking their records incredibly loud and dancing around with a bottle of whiskey in each hand until 4.30 in the morning. Mainly b), to be fair, but that’s just how we roll.

So far we’ve featured an exclusive article on the band and taken a look at their favorite songs of the moment … but what about their fellow artists? We cracked open the vaults and allowed the Foxes to have a good old rummage through. They picked out the moments that inspired them the most. Want to take a look at them? Sure you do.

Waters – Mickey Mantle

(more…) exclusive: ‘Midnight Ghost’, The Ferocious Few

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Lots of bands claim to have an intricate connection with the city that fuels their music – look at the legions of acts who directly take their aesthetic from, say, NYC or Manchester – but few can claim the same innate bond to the streets as The Ferocious Few can with San Francisco.

Frontman Francisco Fernandez has been swooping the sidewalks for years with a boundless procession of pop-up gigs, intent on sharing his unique brand of rock and roll with anyone who will listen. And now … well, now it’s your turn to listen, with this exclusive performance of ‘Midnight Ghost’ (brought to you in association with our friends at Audyssey and Noise Pop).


Watch ‘My Love’ by The Ferocious Few on BAMM TV

Appwatch: The Ferocious Few Pocket Rock-It

The Ferocious Few: From the streets of SF to the showcases of SXSW

Appwatch: The Ferocious Few Pocket Rock-It

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If you’re not familiar with the Bay Area’s Ferocious Few, you’re missing out. Hopefully the fact that you’ll soon to be able to download their BAMM TV performance from the SXSW Festival completely free should remedy that. And if you still can’t get enough of them, you can check out their very own iPhone app.

The brilliantly named Pocket Rock-It takes the band into the realm of augmented reality (the latest buzzword circling around digital music circles). It essentially creates a portable concert, allowing the user to superimpose footage of the band rocking out onto any background they choose. Here’s a quick video demo:

Just think: within seconds you could have miniature versions of the band jamming away between the Propecia bottles in your grandfather’s medicine cabinet. Infact, an app like this is so quirky and cool that you’ll pretty much want to show it to everyone you meet. A quick word of warning, though – it’s probably best not to approach girls in bars and ask them if they want to see your ‘Pocket Rocket’. Not unless you buy them a drink first, anyway.

On a more tasteful note, have you heard the Ferocious Few’s fantastic album Juices, which was released last month? Well, there’s a stream right here, courtesy of the good people at Birdman Records: