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Some bands are just too good to actually exist – should their awesomeness manifest itself in the real world, chances are the very fabric of reality could collapse in on itself. Maybe. Probably. Look, we haven’t researched the scientific logistics of the whole thing. We’re not Stephen Hawking, you know.

Take our hand (come on, its still not summer yet, you could use the body warmth) and join us for a rundown of the Top 5 Greatest Fictional Bands in history …

(Note: we decided not to include Spinal Tap in this list, because that would possibly be the most obvious thing ever, and we’re nothing if not contrary).

5. Wyld Stallyns – ‘Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure’

Okay, so they can’t actually play (despite a plot device in which their future songwriting skills help unite the planet in peace) but we’ll be damned if an evening at a Bill and Ted gig wouldn’t be the best party this side of 1988.

(more…) Rundown: 5 Great Hidden Tracks

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So the humble CD has seen better days, but let’s not forget that – while it ruled the physical-format roost – it was a good friend to us all. It had plenty of quirks and distinctions which were unique to the format – like those little spokes which made it impossible to get the damn thing out of the case, or the fact that they scratched incredibly easy and then skipped mercilessly, or their massive overpricing, or their limited 74-minute storage capacity, or …

Ahem. Let’s concentrate on one of the more nostalgic elements, shall we? Who remembers the phenomenon of the ‘hidden track’ – the cheeky musical additions to albums which went unlabelled or unheralded. Vinyl records could contain such hidden delights, true (via the technique of ‘double-grooving’), but CDs remained the dominant format for these sneaky add-ons. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones …

5. ‘Zero Is Also A Number’ – Nick Cave

A real oddity, this. In 1996, ‘Songs In The Key Of X’ was released – a compilation album of music influenced by (or featured in) seminal TV series ‘The X-Files’. Cave’s brilliant ‘Red Right Hand’ was a full-fledged album track, but the sleeve notes contained a cryptic message: “Nick Cave and the Dirty Three would like to remind you that zero is also a number.” By holding down the rewind button for a few minutes at the very start of the CD, listeners could discover a hauntingly beautiful secret track that actually surpassed the rest of the album. Mulder and Scully would have been proud.


BAMM Playlist Special: Geographer’s Favorite BAMM Videos

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Well, it’s that time of the week when we usually select a member of the Team to choose their favorite tunes of the moment … but, as we’ve installed the amazing San Francisco three-piece Geographer as our Featured Artist, we’ve handed the feature over to them. There’s just one slight twist – all their faves are from the archive …

‘Better Way’ – The Soft White Sixties

These badasses play MUSIC, and they play it well and they play it raw. You get that “I’m listening to something good” feeling in your guts when you watch this.

(more…) Team Playlists: Jason Hall, Director, DoP and Editor

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Here’s our final team member playlist of 2012 (don’t worry – we’ve got lots more to come in the New Year). Let’s see out the year by asking Director, DoP and Editor Jason which tunes are currently taking command of his headphones …

Alt-J – Something Good

Deserved winners of the Mercury Prize. Great song from a great album with an uplifting yet vulnerable chorus breaking out of stilted, rhythmic verses.

The Jam – Town Called Malice

For me Weller is the best songwriter that Britain has ever produced and in this song he marries razor sharp lyrics to a fuller, horn driven sound. Just like the man himself, this track is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.

The Libertines – Time for Heroes

Maybe I’m showing my age but this is the last time that British music felt truly exciting for me. With hindsight, nothing really changed and neither Doherty nor Barat lived up to the hype but for a brief moment they were the centre of my musical world. This track takes me right back to that point.

Braintax, Jehst & Yungun – XFM Freestyle

Not even an official track but a great example of the hidden depths of UK hip-hop – a scene, which has never really broken the mainstream but has bubbled strongly under the surface for years. You get the impression that these guys could go on forever – one whip smart line after another.

Bobby Darin – If I were a Carpenter

It’s so simple but there’s something in his voice here that makes me want to cry. Just an incredibly pure performance with Darin’s truly epic voice cutting through.

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