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Our weekly roundup of what’s happening with’s favorite artists …


The fantastic Wild Child (seen below in one of the greatest videos to date) have announced a release party for their new album ‘The Runaround’, taking place at Austin City Limits, TX on October 11. It may seem like a while away, but demand will be high – so grab those tickets now! And if you can’t make it to Austin … make sure to pick up a copy of their new album anyway!

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Our weekly roundup of what’s happening with’s favorite artists …


This Portland-based bunch of musical crusaders have previously been our Artist Of The Month, so that pretty much tells you all you need to know (if you’re a little slow on the uptake, we’re saying that they’re incredibly good). Their new album ‘White Lighter’ was released this week.


Friday Roundup

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Here’s the digital music and media stories capturing BAMM’s attention this week:

– This new iPhone gadget (you might have heard of it) is a great little package … unless you happen to live in the UK.

– Speaking of which, check out this ‘unique’ selection of ‘helpful’ answers from Apple’s new Siri interface.

– The most realistic guitar video game yet hits a stumbling block.

– Google to take on the world of music retail.

– Impassioned nostalgia on the band t-shirt from The Guardian.

– You’ll be able to stream the new album from Florence And The Machine before the official release date. Which is nice.

– New biopic to depict the last days of The Beatles.

– Who exactly are the most overrated lyricists in rock?

BAMM Friday Round-Up

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BAMM’s most interesting pickings from the intertubes from the previous week …

– The demise of the old-school music retail model continues apace; major high-street chain HMV are reportedly in dire straits.

– Heard of a little company called Google? They’ve just launched their own music blog, entitled Magnifier.

– Footage emerges of one of Amy Winehouse’s last recording sessions; a duet with Tony Bennett.

New material from alt-country superstar Ryan Adams.

– Music headlines don’t get much more abstract than this.

– An in-depth look at the Six Levels Of Apple Fandom. Whereabouts are you on the chart?

– 4chan founder Christopher Poole tries to break into the mainstream with Unsurprisingly, the kids at 4chan hate him for it.

– Want a chilling reminder of your own mortality? The Bangles formed 30 years ago.