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Win A Signed Hollerado Poster!

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Aaaand so we come to the end of another Featured Artist tenure. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been obsessing over Canadian melody-merchants Hollerado (with exclusive articles and playlists), so it only seems fitting to round things off with our most awesome exclusive yet: the chance to win a one-of-a-kind signed poster of the band. Trust us: when Hollerado become one of the biggest bands in the world, this little beauty will be the collector’s piece to end all collector’s pieces.

How do you stand a chance of getting your hands on it? Simple – just send an email to info [a] with the subject heading ‘Hollerado Contest’ before Friday November 1st. We’ll pick out a winner at random and be in touch soon. Good luck …

Hollerado: What Are They Listening To Right Now?

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Hope you’re enjoying the hooks-and-handclaps ultra-melodic indie-rock from our Featured Artist Hollerado (we’ve already unleashed an in-depth article on the band, plus discovered their favorite musical moments from the archives). Now we’re widening that search to the big old world of music in general, and finding out exactly what Hollerado are listening to right now …

Pup – ‘Reservoir’

(more…) Featured Artist: Hollerado

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Charity begins at home, the old phrase goes – and if the history of Canadian melody-merchants Hollerado is anything to go by, it seems that musical genius begins in that area too. Born and raised in Manotick, Ontario (infact, three of the band members grew up on the same street together), the four Hollerado boys – Menno Versteeg, Nixon Boyd, Dean Baxter and Jake Boyd – officially came together in April 2007. Relocating to Montreal, they’ve since been gathering a well-deserved reputation as everyone’s favorite Bright Young Things.


Watch Hollerado on BAMM TV

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There’s something of a cover version theme going on this week, so one of the above tunes from BAMM favourites Hollerado is a revamped version of The Trashmen classic (and trademark Peter Griffin rock-out) ‘Surfin’ Bird’.

Alongside that, though, you can also enjoy a killer original song from the Hollerado boys, in the shape of the catchily-titled ‘Do the Doot Do Doot Doo’. And if you still want more awesome free music from these guys, there’s a free track to download – as well as lots of other stuff – over at their website.

Watch Got To Lose by Hollerado on BAMM TV

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Hollerado totally blew us away a couple of months back when they released the promo vid for ‘Got To Lose’ – which makes something of double-whammy for this Canadian power-pop four-piece, as they also blew us away when they performed ‘Got To Lose’ exclusively for BAMM, live at our SF headquarters. These guys have been wearing their ‘next big thing’ badges with pride for a good while now, and here at BAMM we suspect they’re going to be world-conqueringly massive in the very near future. And when you hear the brilliantly catchy strains of ‘Got To Lose’, we think you’ll draw the same conclusions too …

Watch Good Day At The Races by Hollerado on BAMM TV

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We’ve already talked about how much we love Hollerado, and their expert way of crafting a tune which is catchier than a flu outbreak in an old people’s home (erm … but infinitely more enjoyable). The above track – ‘Good Day At The Races’ – is no different, brimming with harmonic melody and singalong verve. It was recorded during BAMM’s recent SXSW showcases, which also saw the Hollerado boys serving up free nachos to the crowd. Musics gain is caterings loss, it would seem …