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The Stone Foxes: Their Favorites From The Vault

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We’ve been busy celebrating our awesome Featured Artist The Stone Foxes – and by ‘celebrating’ we mean a) posting lots of stuff about them, and b) cranking their records incredibly loud and dancing around with a bottle of whiskey in each hand until 4.30 in the morning. Mainly b), to be fair, but that’s just how we roll.

So far we’ve featured an exclusive article on the band and taken a look at their favorite songs of the moment … but what about their fellow artists? We cracked open the vaults and allowed the Foxes to have a good old rummage through. They picked out the moments that inspired them the most. Want to take a look at them? Sure you do.

Waters – Mickey Mantle


Previously at SXSW – Part Two …

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Yesterday – in order to celebrate our presence at this year’s SXSW Festival in the heart of Austin, Texas – we took a look back at some of the most memorable performances from BAMM.TV’s previous visits to this ultra-exciting get-together. Today? Well, today we’re going to take a look at even more. You should know us by now: we’ve got way too much good stuff to ever pack into one post.

Here are some more highlights from days of yore at SXSW …

Wallpaper – ‘Stupidfaced’

SXSW, in recent years, has begun to look further afield in musical terms: away from the rock/guitar music which used to dominate the festival and to other genres – electronica, hip-hop etc. Wallpaper provided a blast of synth-backed sound fusion upon taking to the BAMM stage last year.

HOTTUB – ‘1 2 3 … Go!’

Think that performance by Wallpaper was bouncing with energy? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Oakland’s sassiest sisters HOTTUB stepped up their game for BAMM at SXSW, thrilling the crowd with a manic rendition of ‘1 2 3 … Go!’ Enjoy.

Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers – ‘Toby’s Song’

Let’s chill things out slightly with this slide-guitar beauty from Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers, who injected a bit of country back into the Texan heartland with the awesome ‘Toby’s Song.’

The Moondoggies – ‘Down The Well’

Aaaaand time to rock out again with a little help from Sub Pop’s The Moondoggies, who treated the BAMM SXSW crowd to a blast of their guitar magic with ‘Down The Well.’

More SXSW BAMM.TV highlights coming your way tomorrow …

Exclusive BAMM Intervew: HOTTUB

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We’ve mentioned how much we love electroclash maniacs HOTTUB before on this blog – and also treated you to some performances, plus a look at the Oakland scene from which they enemate – and now we’ve had the chance to sit down and have an exclusive chat with the band. And by ‘chat’ we mean ‘raucous yellfest which may or may not have involved the consumption of one or two drinks’ (and just think how much better the Frost/Nixon interviews would have been if they’d taken that route).

BAMM Global Scene: Oakland, CA (feat. HOTTUB)

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If you’ve been perusing the BAMM blog regularly (and if you haven’t, we’re willing to forgive you, just as long as you put us in that Bookmarks folder pronto), you’ll know that we think HOTTUB are one of the most distinct live acts on the scene. Justifiably proud of the fact that they will “straddle your face and kill you with love”, this ultra-unique electro-collective hail from Oakland, California – and that’s the place we’ve decided to nose around in this episode of BAMM: Global Scene.

Follow the guys from HOTTUB as (Clark Kent/Superman-style) they balance their daytime lives with the crazy underground nightlife of Oakland. Check out the venues, the hotspots, the food, the attitudes and the artists as BAMM takes you into the dance-happy eye of the storm …

Watch ‘1-2-3 Go’ by HOTTUB on BAMMTV

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll already be familiar with the wonderfully insane stylings of HOTTUB. If you were to put Northern State, The Go Team and Le Tigre into a blender … well, you’d be arrested. But before you got arrested, you’d have created something that sounds a little like this crazily intense Oakland three-piece. We’re throwing another of their raucous SXSW performances your way today – this time in the shape of the hyperkinetic ‘1-2-3 Go’.