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Our weekly roundup of what’s happening with’s favorite artists …


The fantastic Wild Child (seen below in one of the greatest videos to date) have announced a release party for their new album ‘The Runaround’, taking place at Austin City Limits, TX on October 11. It may seem like a while away, but demand will be high – so grab those tickets now! And if you can’t make it to Austin … make sure to pick up a copy of their new album anyway!


The Stone Foxes: Their Favorites From The Vault

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We’ve been busy celebrating our awesome Featured Artist The Stone Foxes – and by ‘celebrating’ we mean a) posting lots of stuff about them, and b) cranking their records incredibly loud and dancing around with a bottle of whiskey in each hand until 4.30 in the morning. Mainly b), to be fair, but that’s just how we roll.

So far we’ve featured an exclusive article on the band and taken a look at their favorite songs of the moment … but what about their fellow artists? We cracked open the vaults and allowed the Foxes to have a good old rummage through. They picked out the moments that inspired them the most. Want to take a look at them? Sure you do.

Waters – Mickey Mantle


Watch The Hustle by Kelly McFarling on BAMM TV

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Kelly McFarling has long been a proponent of ‘hugs not handshakes’, and now she’s added another ‘H’ to that list with this exclusive BAMM performance of ‘The Hustle’. Kelly recently played at the Apple Store in San Francisco, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the show resulted in an iPhone sales boom simply so that people could record her awesome live set. Eagle-eyed BAMMites will also notice bassist Jonathan Kirchner in the above video (also a member of another BAMM favourite: Con Brio). Enjoy.