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The more tech-savvy of you will be aware that it’s been a very interesting year for video games – not least with the announcement of two brand new next-gen consoles on the horizon. To commemorate this, then, we’ve decided that our Rundown this time around will focus on the craziest and weirdest games involving musicians that history has to offer. We’re all familiar with hot properties like Rock Band or Guitar Hero (massive success stories for the industry) but what about those more curious specimens that have – maybe quite rightly – been forgotten? Let’s take a look …

5. 50 Cent in ‘Blood On The Sand’

A relatively recent entry into this list, ‘Blood On The Sand’ – featuring rapper 50 Cent – hit stores in early 2009. If we were to outline the plot ourselves, you’d assume we were joking, so we’re just going to lift this bit straight from Wikipedia:

The game is set in an urban warzone in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, where 50 Cent and G-Unit have been hired to play a rap concert. After the concert the promoter refuses to pay them the US $10-million in cash he promised, but relents after being threatened. However, instead of the cash they were promised, he gives them a diamond-and-pearl encrusted human skull as collateral. This is promptly stolen by a paramilitary group. 50 Cent (with the help of a selected G-Unit partner) decides to get it back at any cost.


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(more…) Rundown: Top Five Rock Star Feuds

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Many a fight breaks out in the office when it comes to the ‘who gets to ride the segway on their lunch break’ debate. Not the most blistering of confrontations, sure, but such arguments can’t help but make us think about some of the more epic feuds in the scrap-happy world of rock and roll. Here’s a look at five of the ‘best’ …

5. Jarvis Cocker vs Michael Jackson

Possibly the last time anything even remotely exciting happened at annual blandfest The Brit Awards – in 1996, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker grew tired of Michael Jackson’s messianic posturing during a performance of ‘Earth Song’, and proceeded to mimic the time-honored tradition of ‘farting in his general direction.’ Arrest and subsequent media frenzy ensued.

4. Jay Z vs Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher is not impressed with the fact that hip-hop megastar Jay-Z has been booked for (traditionally guitar-led) UK festival Glastonbury. Gallagher states this on several high-profile occasions. Jay-Z responds by emerging onstage to a sneering version of Gallagher’s ballad ‘Wonderwall’, thereby stepping the rivalry up a notch.

3. Courtney Love vs Dave Grohl

Where to start? Walking issue-magnet Courtney Love has long voiced her disdain for the ex-bandmate of her late husband Kurt Cobain, claiming – among other things – that Grohl has no legal stake in any of Nirvana’s creative output. Grohl maintained his image as the ‘nicest guy in rock’ by staying silent in public, commenting only via songs like ‘Let It Die’ (above).

2. Dandy Warhols vs Anton Newcombe

A rivalry so lengthy and intense it fuelled ‘Dig’, an entire documentary feature. While the Dandy Warhols are not known for being shrinking violets, their number one competitor Anton Newcombe (whose group The Brian Jonestown Massacre were tipped as being as big as the Dandies) is a full-on whirlwind of animosity and drama-queen tantrum.

1. Megadeth vs Metallica

After being kicked out of Metallica, Dave Mustaine went on to form Megadeth – one of the biggest, most successful, iconic metal bands in the world. It’s very telling that – despite this achievement – his resentment towards his former bandmates simmered nicely for the best part of two decades …

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BAMM Rundown: Music’s Craziest PR Stunts

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Just take a look at this:

That’s right. Never one to be short of entrepreneurial spirit, rapper Snoop Dogg has hit upon a promotional move which is either genius or ghastly (dependent on your tolerance for self-aggrandisation – which, let’s face it, is another of Snoop’s patented quirks). He’s just released a new ‘smokeable’ songbook. That’s right: you can peruse (perizzle?) the lyrics of Snoop at your leisure, before tearing out the cigarette-paper page, rolling up a smoke, striking a match on the flammable spine and contemplating the whole darn thing over a nice bout of potential lung cancer.

A crazy PR stunt? Absolutely. But Snoop is simply continuing a fine, multi-layered heritage of such nonsense. Here are a few more mad music promotional exercises from the archives …

The Imperial Stars Deliberately Block A Highway

Heard of the Imperial Stars? No? Well, chances are you’d be more than familiar with them if you happened to be cruising L.A’s 101 freeway last year. The self-styled “hard core hip hop band from Orange County” thought it would be a good idea to park a truck across the busy lanes and treat commuters to a blast of their single ‘Traffic Jam 101′. Number of other people who thought this was a good idea? Take a wild guess (clue: it begins with ‘zero’).

Michael Jackson Builds A Massive Statue Of Himself Then Floats It Down A River

During his legendary (for both good and bad reasons) career, Michael Jackson was often accused of being a rampant, out-of-touch egomaniac. His riposte? He ordered the construction of a giant statue of himself, then had it hauled down London’s River Thames before the gaze of bewildered tourists and workers. Just think – if this statue had been on the island in ‘Lost’, things would have been even weirder. And the ending would probably have been better.

Madonna Kisses Britney

There have rarely been two women so devoted to the act of self-promotion, so whatever point they were trying to make with this ‘shocking’ display at the MTV Music Awards has been lost to the annals of history. We’re guessing it was probably along the lines of ‘LOOK AT US! LOOK AT US! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LOOK AT US!’ though.

Eminem And Bruno

Another incident from the MTV Awards, and one which begs the question: what’s worse than an outrageous PR stunt? An outrageous PR stunt that – despite attempting to appear ‘real’ and ‘edgy’ – was clearly a nicely rehearsed celebrity love-in. Did anyone buy the whole ‘Eminem storms out of ceremony’ thing for a second?

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Fun fact: ‘shocking behavior’ does not compensate for lack of any good tunes on a second album.